Love God Greatly ~ Esther Study – Week 1 – Day 4

These short verses; they really pack a punch don’t they? lol Its hard to read and really study out some of these. *ouch* but thank you Jesus for your love and correction that we may continue to know more and to walk more deeply with you .

S: The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way but the foolishness of the fools is deceit.

O: Understanding. We need so much more of it. We need to study His word; seek to apply His word. Every bit of it, in our lives. When we understand what we hear and read we can then apply it joyfully. It is not a rule or a law that we must keep but it is (as our rules are for our children) a loving hedge of protection about it and we eagerly do as we are called to.

A: Can not get caught up in he little things; struggles and attitudes, minor details that have no real value in the eternal. Focus on the things that are to come; He has so much more for us. Can not be petty; cannot react to things quickly, in anger or fear. Faith covers fear. Faith covers us with peace. In all things need to remember and keep eyes on the ultimate goal which is Jesus Kingdom to come.

P: Jesus Lord, I seek your face this morning; Lord bless these women here. Give them your strength and wisdom and peace. Lord help us each one, to lift one another. To speak words that will bless and guide them every closer to you. We are called to be iron, salt, light but we cannot do that without your wisdom. Lord fill us full with your heart and your mind that we will speak and love as you do! Its in Jesus great name I pray this. Amen!


“You aren’t supposed to be having your best life now. You are to be having trials and experience hard work. Stop trying to broaden he narrow gate. Love it!”

“We believe, we trust, we hope, and so doing, we stand above the world. We lift up our eyes to the hills which cometh our help. We look towards the east where the dawn breaks. We watch for the morning. Our night watch has been long and weary, but the morning will soon end it. The watching, the waiting and the hoping will then be done, but the loving will be forever.”


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