Love God Greatly ~ Esther Study – Week 1 – Day 5

I pray all of you ladies are well! May Jesus bless each one of you were you are as you need. Jesus knows our needs and certainly He always provides for our needs. In fact, my husband lost his smartphone the other day, in the sink. Soaked. Ruined. No life. We can not afford a new one. I took it to the throne because He knows our needs, He will provide our needs. The phone works again now. Not perfect. But enough that my husband can make calls, take calls,text as needed and read his Bible and listen to his praise music on it. Signs and wonders and miracles ~ So awesome and real and alive today! 🙂  I just had to share His goodness and faithfulness to my family. ❤

Anyway on to today’s readings….Bless you all!

S:  Ephesians 5:33 (KJV) Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.

O:  every one. not just a few, not those we choose. every one. love is the most important of all commandment. if we do not have love whatever else we do, is void. Honor, obedience. These are all a part of love. There is no separation in this. It is to  be constant, and unconditional. Not something we show when things are going well or we withhold from someone who has done us wrong. Love covers all sins. 🙂

A: I need to be more patient and gentle. More constant in my love. As I said before, a little thing, like love. Simple and small words like “if” they can e so powerful. What shall I do. Simply put; I shall be gentler, more patient and understanding at all times. When things are not well i shall hold my tongue; hold my temper…wait and count my bananas (it a Bible Quiz trick my son learns, before responding count a couple bananas lol) I will love in all times, with truth and Jesus at the center of it all.

P:  Lord Jesus on this beautiful day you have blessed us with, bless these ladies. You know their struggles, their trials, you know their strengths, you know their hearts and desires for you. Lord fill them, overflow them with the water that shall cause us to  never again thirst. enlarge our hearts that we may love abundantly, always, as you love. help us to remember that in all things, we are to be your image; we may be the only Bible another ever reads so let us be that which shows your love and power in all seasons. In Jesus glorious name.


I have to share this too because it really was an excellent read, on this very topic I believe. If you do not have kids, consider any you mentor, love and lead. Those you meet everyday; the people in need. We all know someone who is like a child, desperate and i need of something more. And we know the one who can fill that void which was made solely for Him to fill.



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