Love God Greatly ~ Esther Study – Week 2 – Day 2

Wow it has been along day. Didn’t sleep so well; sure do feel like I could just pass out but HIS word is good. It is timely, refreshing and alive!
There is something about getting into the Word of God that rejuvenates me; as a friend said recently, its like standing underneath a waterfall. You are quenched. There is a peace, a feeling of being energized, alive, full of His love and His anointing, once more. NO matter how tired, how beat I feel, I always know that I must get to Jesus.

S: 27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

O: Pure, undefiled. So much of religion is habitual; it has nothing to do with knowing Jesus and having that relationship. his word, it is pure, it is truth. There are so many things we can learn about truth faith and worship of Him when we really seek it. HOW we love those who are in need, those who have noon e, perhaps are hopeless, broken and lost. It is  so important to show them His love and mercy and grace. Powerful things to bring to those in need.

A:  I need to look around. The gospel is all about people. I sometimes honestly wonder how many opportunities I have missed because I have been too tired,too cranky or in a rush and did not slow down. SO many are lonely, so any need Jesus. Life is so busy, I need to focus more on taking time to rest but I also need to see people as God sees them. And so often, I pray for Him to give me His eyes. That I may love and serve them joyfully, eagerly,as He did.

P: Jesus I know how dearly you love eery one of us. Lord help us to see and love those who are in need; help us to reach out to those people who so desperately need and seek you whether they know it or not. Hep me and all of us to be mindful of you in a ll things Lord that we may be that light shining on the hill; bringing people love and care compassion and hope as you bring to us. IN Jesus name.




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