My Student Logbook ~ A Schoolhouse Review

    We liked to be pretty relaxed in our home school. But we are also not very well organized; we are works in progress. 🙂 I really do not want my son to learn the value of organization years later when he could do it now, as a part of our homeschool. He is only 9 years old but he really struggles with keeping on top of all he has to do. So  I was quite excited to be have the chance to review a dated My Student Logbook ( from a company that is also a homeschool family themselves called, My Student Logbook.

My Student Logbook is designed for better homeschool management in a simple way. This comes as a spiraled logbook students can use to log their daily activities. It is easy to set-up and is ideal for 2nd grade and up. You can purchase in a dated or  undated version.  They have lots of different covers to choose from. My son chose the Freedom cover. His favorite studies right now revolve around the history of America so he really liked this!

The very front page of the logbook comes with set-up instructions as well as a page showing how My Student Logbook can be used to create high school transcripts (nice to know for the future anyway). There are also some neat extra pages for recording personal information: “About Me” facts, prayer, goals, books to read or books read, Scripture memorization, tests, projects and field trips, and even memories from the year. My son really liked the reading page especialy; lots easier for him to keep up with his reading for the Book It program this year.

The My Student Logbook can be purchased for $15.00( $5.00 shipping) within the United States. There are also two PDF versions available – one for a single copy license for $10.00 and one for a family use license for $20.00.These can be purchased internationally too, but the PDF versions only and these do not come with a cover design. Sorry!


My son was really excited about this. He seems momma working with her planner all the time so the chance to have his very own was so exciting! While I went over the basic instructions for setting this up with hi, I chose to allow him some creative abilities. That said he chose to keep it very simple, using it for his basic studies and programs; listings prayers and favorite scriptures, books he was reading and planning to read, and also listing his goals for the year.. He did decide it would be a good idea to keep track of his online classes there as well, after a few weeks with this. There  are checklists on the left-hand side of the pages (dated columns are on the right). This is where he is able t check off his daily activities. There is also space to record the time spent on each topic; he liked to use this area too, to note the chinese characters he learned that week and some days notes of extra cool things he learned as he completed each topic.  There were times that he did need to change a thing or two on his list and they make it so very simple to do that.  All had to do when a change was needed was to tear out one of the new checklist pages and simply start with it right where he left off. And the old record is still there, to help remember, what has already been completed. Great way for him to be able to se all he has done when there are those days where its a bit more of a struggle than usual.I think the only real problem we had was with the size of the boxes on the pages. The boxes are a bit small, and while that can work if handwriting was a stronger suit for  my son these were just too small for him.  I think a bit extra space for writing would be very helpful; then my younger son could use one too. He is all about organizing things and this could be such a great tool for him too. But we would need more space for him to write 🙂
My son says he really likes this logbook. Being able to see every day what he has to do and to be able to look forward as well. I think this is a very simple and smart way for  children to learn how to get organized and keep track of their own schedules. Its so easy to use and flexible too; you can be creative if you want and make it work for everyone in the family! I really would recommend this planner to everyone in the homeschool community.  This is such a great way to  help our children begin to learn how to be responsible and organized.  Its also a great way to help them own their learning, what a great way for us mommas to be able to help everyone out with all their various activities and studies!!
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