It’s been quite a month or so here in our home. We are blessed. Regardless of the challenges God is good, all the time!

Needless to say things have taken me away a bit from my studies, from my writing and blogging here. For that I am sad but I am praying and seeking a better way. More organization in my day; a bit more freedom and management within the home.

Because we are expecting #4 come April. Exciting. My daughter is thrilled, hoping to have a little sister; my oldest son wants twins and my middle boy, he is just excited for a new baby. I am fairly useless right now; too tired and nauseous for much of anything but I am excited too. Focusing on the precious life to be born and how soon this shall pass. Remembering too how blessed I was with my other three who were such simple pregnancies. And remembering, this shall pass 😀

We have an exchange student from China. Her English is, almost nonexistent. We are learning first hand, with many things broken, or in not so good condition, how different things are here. So we are practicing patience, gentleness. We are trying to find ways to bond, to encourage, outside of language. She does have a love and hunger for Jesus that I pray, will help strengthen her and make her feel less “alone” when her feelings of homesickness come as they surely will.

I am moving forward. Studying out gratitude. As it gets closer to the Thanksgiving holiday I want to really focus on the meaning of gratitude, to seek, with my family, those simple things that cause us to be grateful for every moment every day. To see the rainbow and have joy even in the worst of storms. I want an attitude of gratitude to permeate my home and my life!

I need to read more too. And plan out, mix up, our home school a bit more. With my oldest son being less motivated right now to really dig into anything, I need to stoke those embers and get that fire going again. Help him to see the joy and the blessing of being home educated; inspire a love of learning again that he once had. My 5 year old son is trying to learn how to read now too and who knows maybe my daughter, who is now three, will learn along with him since she does not leave our side. Ever. 🙂

We are blessed. Many challenges. Many things that I know we need to do differently. I see it and I feel it; making the little baby steps comes next. So much we get to do. Cub Scouts and I am going to learn how to sew and crochet; we are going to eat more whole foods. We are going to love and read and write and play and create and learn. We shall read and study and love His word because it is everything. It is all we need.

We are going to live and love and show His glory in all things we do. We shall worry less, we shall walk in faith.



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