So Many Weird and Wonderful Creations

Anyone who knows us is aware of our love for, and fascination with, the creations of God. Two years raising frogs; every time my children and I are amazed by how they change. From a tadpole in the water to a frog. Internal changes; huge differences. We have had ant farms and seen how studious these little creatures are. So precise in the tunnels they build; talk about team work too! We also have dogs and a cat. And a gecko or two (one of those is a bit of a “freebird” as we speak – yikes!)

So we were all curious and excited to have the chance to get our hands on this book! And the others shall come I am sure, in time. ūüôā

Weird and Wonderful Creations is a bind up of the nonfiction Made By God series. With photos and facts showing children the wonders of God’s creation, this collection that is full of over 200 unbelievable facts about these fabulous creations of God!  Some of the creatures we learned about includes whales, tarantulas, bats, sea turtles, and the Goliath Beetle, Venus Flytrap. And all written so very simply; perfect for early readers.

Weird and Wonderful Creations includes:

Spiders, Snakes, Bees and Bats
Big Bugs, Little Bugs
Poisonous, Smelly, and Amazing Plants



Where can we buy a Venus Flytrap by the way? Did you know they only have seven leaves, never more? A pitcher plant is similar too we learned; another carnivorous plant. Really, only God could come up with one of these.

What about those spiders? Who knew that their web is basically spirals and orbs. Young spiders go ballooning. That means that they “ride the wind on those long strands of silk thread.¬† There are even spiders, called Trapdoor Spiders, who dig tunnels into the ground and close them up with a trapdoor.

Who could doubt the Praying Mantis? I mean, even a bug that knows how to pray. The babies, are called nymphs, and all of them have two large eyes and three smaller ones. I think we may buy some to raise ourselves and then set them in our garden in the spring too!

There is absolutely nothing will¬†can¬†help you to truly¬†appreciate and see¬†God’s amazing handiwork like this! My children love this book,¬†my older son reads and the smaller ones sit in awe enjoying the¬†beautiful pictures that fill these pages. Of course momma is impressed facts they have learned¬†about all these animals¬†and plants!¬†¬†This was a treat for me as well I admit! This books¬†is so¬†well-written, bringing to life for children creation itself. I love the extra facts¬†on the side of the pages as well. As it should too, all things point us back to the Creator; glory to God. It is so simple.¬†¬†And yet so powerful does it speak of His love and power!



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