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MY family and I recently had the opportunity to review Anthem for a Nation from New Liberty Videos.  Since we had never heard of New Liberty Videos before this review, we were quite excited to be a part of this review. Plus we really enjoy learning history!

New Liberty Videos  produces Christian DVDs.  Founded by an amazing team of husband and wife, Brian and Marilyn Barkley.  Brian Barkley has been working in the motion picture business for 40+ years.  He also worked as an editor on several television series, such as “B.J. And the Bear,” “Sheriff Lobo,” and “Quincy.” He was the producer for the documentary “Set Free,” filmed in San Quentin prison and for the past 30 years, he and his wife have continued to produce Christian movies.
Anthem for a Nation

Why has America prospered like no other nation in the history of the world? Anthem For A Nation seeks to give you the answer to that question.  Anthem for a Nation is about 42 minutes, ,a historical documentary that explores those things that made America great. New Liberty Videos firmly believes these qualities must once again be the foundation of our generation if we are to preserve the freedoms  God has so greatly blessed us with, for the generations to come. I of course wholeheartedly agree; as a nation we must turn to Him and His ways. Thus it was such a blessing to view Anthem for a Nation.


Anthem for a Nation is approved for a general audience. Some of the material is a bit much for the  younger ones and there were some topics that my children were not old enough for us to really dig into yet (abortion, place of the Bible in schools).  But if this is not full of amazing truths that people need to know if we wish to see a change and true revival in this country.   You can purchase Anthem for a Nation for $19.95.

The narrator begins as he should, at the beginning. He speaks to the Christian history of our nation.  This video is overflowing with facts about our constitution and its development, the buildings our government has established through the years, and the many scriptures that are found throughout our buildings.  As the video continues we are shown God’s hand was the guiding force and power in the building of this nation He speaks to how removing God from this system has destroyed our nation and its programs in so many ways.  There is a great discussion too referencing our public schools and and other family/childrens programs, detailing how detrimental the Gospel really is to the nation as a whole.

One of things my oldest son (9) found really neat was how Anthem for a Nation explores so many of the historical monuments; those places in our nations that have a dedication to God and the Christian faith.  So many powerful words displayed, dedicated, to the Lord, through the years.  My so even looked up some of these places, exploring them virtually -)  We even found a neat back of cards that speaks to the various landmarks about the country; these are getting much more use now too.  What a way to make history, the country too, come alive for children!

When I lived on the East Coast I remember seeing some of this, and I do hope one day as a family we will be able to go and see them again. Especially knowing the things we know now; how much more meaning does it give to these? It makes me think of those twelve stones in the Old Testament, placed as a remembrance and reminder to who we ought to serve, always faithfully.

The scenery shown throughout the video of America, the patriotic songs throughout.   Left me speechless and a bit teary eyed at times I have to admit.  And the Christian worldview; its priceless. It is so very important for us to view things from the right perspective. This was a video that really did just that.  It delivers a very powerful, truth filled message which really cause us all to pause and consider.

Interestingly, as a sidenote, there was a portion of this dedicated to Holocaust survivors speaking to the value and importance of not forgetting God.  How dangerous it is to forget the Lord.          Did you know that the  Washington monument has a plaque on the very top that reads Laus Deo, which in Latin means, Praise be to God.

There is so much more than that to learn too! I was amazed myself; how little I knew. And again, as my children become older, there is so much more I am sure we will learn and dig even deeper into, from this video alone.

If you are as interested in the history of this nation as I am, then you will love Anthem for a Nation.  I highly recommend everyone “watch and learn” as my boys say.  I am sure as my children get older too we will be watching this again.
2 Chronicles 7:14  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  ❤

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