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My boys are hunters, at their young age, they love to hunt. There is this big sand pile in our backyard that they use sometimes to bury things they can later dig up. Hidden treasures?  Recently we were given the chance to review a couple treasure hunts from Clued in Kids;  Baseball Treasure Hunt and Soccer Treasure Hunt too.  These came to me in an email, in PDF format. Both of were 8 pages in length. They came with easy to follow directions and 12 clues for each hunt. At the bottom of each clue it tells you exactly where to hide it, so getting ready is no sweat!  Just print ’em, hide ’em, and they are off!

Since my oldest son just completed his first season in softball, he was super eager to do the baseball hunt right away. Seeing as all of us, minus dad, are pretty new to baseball, this was such a fun opportunity to learn.  The fact that each clue, or puzzle in some cases, led to something new, was exciting – a great way to encourage my kids to keep going. There were twelve clues in all ranging from math problems, to code cracking (a favorite in this house!) and an answer key for a momma like me who sometimes cannot remember something from one room of our little house to the next. haha  It was especially fun hearing my oldest try to get his little brother and sister to sing along, Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

We also completed the Soccer Treasure Hunt. This is another favorite sport of our boys and yet again another great treasure hunt allowing the children to explore and learn. At the same time! There were messages to be decoded; soccer words to learn, hidden pictures, words to unscramble too.  There was a connect the dot even for my littler ones.

In the very last “X” marking the spot, I left a bit of ‘treasure’ .  Since all three were taking part in these hunts, I made sure there was something special for each one of them. A coupon for a bit of Minecraft time for my oldest son, a little dollar store model for my other son, and a little book or stickers for my daughter. You can use whatever you like; it was a fun treat at the very end – an unexpected surprise.

There were only a few times we had some struggles with the clues but this was not so much an issue with the treasure hunts as a time for me to see what exactly my oldest son struggled with. There were some activities for telling time, a bit of division, and some counting of coins. We worked through them together and really it was a good way for me to see where we need a bit more focus. Regardless, the three completed both treasure hunts, and had a blast doing them. They are still clamoring for more in fact.

Clued in Kids offers tons of fun filled, educational too, treasure hunts that are purchased already complete to use; they come with awesome clue cards too. With these treasure hunts our children can learn and exercise skills like logic, critical thinking, mathematics, reading, and social too. My kids love going on treasure hunts; I wish I was more organized so we could do them more frequently. Enter in Clued in Kids.  These treasure hunts are recommended for ages 4 and up (I used them with mine who are 3, 5 and 9) . They are currently offering some great Christmas products as well as a special treasure chest giveaway.  If you want to know more, head on over to their blog.  Really, exciting stuff!

The Soccer and Baseball Treasure Hunts are both available for $5.99 And right now, the Homework Reward Treasure Hunt (regularly $5.99) can be yours, for free when you sign up for their newsletter.)

See how it all works:

And for the touching and inspirational story of how it all began, read their story but make sure you have a box of tissue handy when you do. What a beautiful testimony to how God orders our every step and how important all of those moments are in life. ❤

I have to say it has never occurred to me to do treasure hunts like this!  But I love all the educational opportunities within these.  And its great that the kids not only want to do these but are inspired to create their own.  I have found many hidden treasures myself since we did these; maps drawn by my boys about the house. Even riddles and word puzzles my oldest son is writing.

These are so quick and easy to set up and there was nothing new that we had to run out and get either! It was fun watching them work together and other times watching them try to see how fast one or the other could complete the hunt.  I definitely recommend the Clued in Kids treasure hunts for everyone. And considering how winters get around here we will quite likely be collecting a few more of these for those days too!

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