Fellowship Fun

I know its been some time since I have done Friday Fun Fellowship posts here. And it’s  already Saturday so….a bit late to boot —  better late than never right? It’s been crazy and exciting; tiring and refreshing  all at the same time this week!  So our fun five are *drumroll please*

1) We discovered and enjoyed an amazing and awesome performance of Peter Pan. In the process learning of a great group that teaches musical theater to kids from acting to singing to dance. The whole thing was done by kids, ages 5 to 18 ~ talk about inspiring for little ones. Its now on my oldest son’s bucket list….

2) We had a total power outage Friday. It was the craziest storm ever; took out all the power in our area. So for 24+ hours ) almost two whole days, we had the experience of off grid living. Needless to say we learned a great deal about how ready, or not, we are to really be off the grid. We have some work to do.

3) Feeling the energy coming back; slowly the morning/evening sickness is passing a bit. Its fun listening to the kiddos in their excitement for baby number four. Is it a boy?  Is it a girl? Perhaps one of each ( my oldest son hopes!)  We are all happy to have another little blessing coming our way.  April seems pretty far away but I know, it shall come soon enough.

4) I am beginning a gratitude study. With my children. It happens to be about the time of Thanksgiving but really its because….Not long ago I read some rather snippy comments from one unbeliever, about how many Christians seem to preach gratitude more than they show gratitude. And after some reflection I admit that I need to cultivate more, a true spirit of thanksgiving.  Every day. I need to reflect this daily; not just for things but for those simple things. The day, breath, body, rebirth, revelation, holiness.

5)    Moving forward to planning for Thanksgiving – Not sure exactly what our plans will be. We do know we will be grilling up a super juicy turkey but other than that…Need to start searching out some new recipes.  Any thoughts or favorites you care to share?

For the Display of His Splendor

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