Do You Have a Family Toolbox?

I never heard of the National Center for Biblical Parenting; not until recently.  From Joanne Miller, RN, BSN & Scott Turansky comes, The Family Toolbox, a powerful tool for parents and youth. Needless to say,  I was quite excited to be able to review this fabulous resource created for parents and youth, ages 10-18, one that seeks to encourage and lead the way in family discipleship.

The Family Toolbox is totally interactive, with videos to watch together and a workbook designed for parent and teen to use, again, together. The ultimate goal is to learn and grow in the 16 success principles which are all covered in the eight lessons provided.  These focus on common issues such as handling pressure, considering others needs, and having the right heart. Using discussion questions and prompts in the workbook, we are able to talk about those challenges that come our way; it is beautiful too how scripture is woven throughout each lesson to show what His word says for each item being discussed. 

The videos are short and simple, meant to encourage and spark conversation and interaction which is so needed with our kids, especially as they get older.  Each lesson shows a family in their daily life and the challenges that they face as a family. The discussion guide included provides encouraging prompts for parents and youth as well as a 10-minute teaching session for parents with Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN.  This is where we get some really handy tools we can use. Right away.


It’s all about encouraging and cultivating Biblical wisdom, in us as parents, and in our kids too. Some of the encouraging questions for discussion with our kids correction needs to be addressed are:

  • What did you do wrong? (personal responsibility)
  • Why was that wrong? (issues of the heart)
  • What are you going to do different next time? (experience and learning)
Aren’t these questions that could even benefit us as parents in our everyday lives and set an example as to how we ought to live.
Within this toolbox are 8 lessons which teach the following:
  • Lesson 1 ~ It Starts with the Heart
  • Lesson 2 ~ Follow Instructions Well
  • Lesson 3 ~ Handle Pressure without Losing Your Cool
  • Lesson 4 ~ The Value of Correction
  • Lesson 5 ~ The Importance of Responsibility
  • Lesson 6 ~ Accept No as an Answer
  • Lesson 7 ~ Deal with Your Own Anger
  • Lesson 8 ~ Consider the Needs of Others 

I really appreciate how each lesson ends with a question, not for the child, but for the parent. How can I help my child mature and develop more effectively? Can we turn those problems into tasks and decrease conflict? Let us consider the negative behaviors, the positive heart qualities and then strategize as to how we can bring about the change that is needed. There are also principles for success for our youth to complete so that they can recognize the problem, and better ways to manage them when they arise. What does the Bible say? There is encouragement for our youth to always pray, ask God to guide you in how you can be more responsible, diligent, mature, more of a peace maker. So many brilliant thoughts are shared.  And as you complete this program, you really do grow. You really will have the tools you need to encourage and guide your children to grow in God and His ways.

I feel this was such a blessing to have the opportunity to review this.  I did watch the videos on my own, but as a family we will definitely be using this “toolbox” in the near future.  There is so much here that I had never considered; many questions never before pondered. I admit sometimes I see this parenting as an “I say and you do” but this really helped to reframe how I see my role, and theirs, in this process that really does take so much more. And as my children become older, as we partner together more in this journey, I just know this will be a wonderful experience for us all bringing us as a family so much closer to God too!
The Family Toolbox is available for download on the National Center for Biblical Parenting‘s website for a suggested donation of $79.95 or you can purchase a home kit with a DVD and physical book for $99.95.  
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  • Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.   ~  Proverbs 22:6

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