Stick Together Because..?

A friend of mine has really been struggling in her marriage lately. She was married rather quickly to her husband and is really struggling right now to stick with it. As she has opened up to me about her feelings and frustrations I have tried my best to encourage her in this precious journey she is on.  I mean marriage is sacred right? Needless to say all the conversations about the value of marriage, in His eyes (as should be in our own eyes) it got me thinking.

As someone who comes from a broken home, one that did not speak to the value or meaning, of marriage, I would be lying if I said that I did not struggle in my own marriage at times. And yet there is so much to encourage us, in the Word of God, and in literature like what I am reading right now.  We have to do more than just make it work and stay together.  A Lifelong Love by Gary Thomas, I was so much more convinced of this too. I mean the marriage of a husband and wife has such eternal purpose to it, its powerful. Like how we are His bride and that too is so very powerful too.  One a shadow of the other.

A LifeLong Love        I have read several books by Gary Thomas through the years and I have been so very blessed by every one of them!!!

A LifeLong Love is divided into three different parts:

  • Part One: The Magnificent Obsession
  • Part Two: Growing Together
  • Part Three: The Journey Towards Love

This is a great book to read as a couple.  It is full of questions within each chapter giving you a chance to go deeper and think differently about marriage.  I do believe we need books like this, to get out of our comfort zone and grow together, in Christ, within the role He has placed us in.  Too often we think God wants us to be happy. And He does BUT God designed marriage to make us holy.  In A Lifelong Love, we are given practical tools so that our marriages can be inspiring and encouraging to others, showing the power within a Christ centered life.

Whatever season of marriage you are in, this will give your some practical tools to encourage you changing both your marriage and the world you are a part of. Care to learn more about Gary Thomas?  Visit his website or follow him on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


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