Their Name Is Today Reclaiming Childhood In A Hostile World ~ Review

        Johann Christoph Arnold has recently come out with a powerful book, called Their Name Is Today Reclaiming Childhood In A Hostile World. Johann Christoph Arnold is the author of several other books including, Why Children Matter, Seeking Peace and Cries From The Heart.  While I cannot speak to his other material,  in Their Name Is Today he speaks to the sad and drastic that have come about and society sees and treats our children today.

Friedrich Froebel, who created the concept of the kindergarten, was a nineteenth-century German educator whose greatest gift was his ability to view life through a child’s eyes…When he coined the name “kindergarten,” he meant it literally – “a garden of children” – where each child is nurtured with the same love and care given to a seedling.  He knew that humans are essentially creative and compassionate beings, and that education must involve the development of those traits.

How beautiful is that! Not at all what they are today.  We chose home education from the very beginning ourselves. And at home, I like to believe, we cultivate that garden that was imagined by Froebel in the very beginning.

Plato said “What is honored in a country is cultivated there.

What is we honor most of all? Do our children feel and know that they are honored? Not in a crazy way, but do they know how important they are to society and the world at large? I imagine too many, sadly, think too much of themselves, in our generation of “all about me”, “right now” texting and chatting.  I watch kids sometimes, all different ages, and it saddens me that they are so “busy” with their devices, their games, they are missing the world, the joy of childhood, that they should be embracing.

Let us be sure that we embrace these children and their innocence and curiosity. There is such beauty and freedom in how they live and learn.  Let’s face it,there is so much more for our children in life than what we are told is so important today.

“Something is wrong with a culture that informs a mother her children’s success rests on her ability to push them, or when it tells a father that good grades are the only measurement that matters.”

Society is wrong. The world is all upside down. Someone needs to be a voice for the youth.  We need to bring them home, we need to bring them back to the basics.  As a family, as a community Us, as a community, we need to stand up against these lies. We need to make some big changes.

Like every deed of love, even the smallest, most negligible act will never be wasted.  Small as it might be on it’s own, together with others it may have power to change the world.


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