He’s Moving

It’s amazing how God works – I will not know or understand but I will trust Him. I woke feeling this huge, overwhelming burden for a very old and very dear friend. I know not where he is now but I know from what God put on me this morning that he needs prayer.


I was reminded as I prayed of the times and struggles and sufferings we shared; how we “saved” one another in many desperate moments and the ability to totally know that at least we had each other to turn to. This friend saved my life many times; talked me down from all kinds of insanity and to think that he still suffers just makes me so sad. But I trust that this friend, after we both went our separate ways years ago, he is in His hands. There is something that He has for him and I do not know and will not understand how or why but I will pray and trust in the Lord.


I will today give thanks for the fact that I was delivered from so much darkness, and so much insanity, a life that was full of poison I eagerly sought out….But no more. I am so beyond grateful for that and I think of those of my past and pray that they too will be given a chance to be freed as I have been. To “see” them saved and delivered ~


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