Purposeful Design ~ A Schoolhouse Review


We believe i using materials in our home education, that show a Biblical worldview. There are so many amazing science curriculums out there too that teach on the literal six days of Creation. We have been so very blessed with wonderful teaching tools through the years too.  This is one more that helps us to see and understand the amazing beauty of God’s Creation- Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation.


We received a hard copy of Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation from Purposeful Design (Jay Schabacker). This book is appropriate for all ages, mostly I would say to read to all ages. The website has a workbook guide to go along with the book. This is designed for elementary students and can be purchased for $18.95.  The access to the Young Explorers Club totally is free. It is an awesome addition to this book too; really gets you thinking and praying, about these things.


The book arrived so fast. We were all quite excited too.  It’s a nice big book with lots of amazing photos and illustrations.  My little ones, who are 5 and 3, absolutely loved looking at every page; I was peppered with more and more every time a page was turned.  🙂



The book begins with the first day of Creation; the Heavens and the Earth, the Foundation of it all.  Each day contains scripture to reference  from the Book of Genesis as well as a deeper discussion of all things created on that day.  For instance the first chapter discusses: What keeps it all going? We love astronomy in this house; the moon and the stars. Beautiful and amazing is the design for every one of them.  And the details contained within each chapter are just so confounding. Details about the Earth’s orbit, or in the chapter on water and the atmosphere, the rain cycle.  So many amazing things that I sure didn’t know, packed within the pages of this book!


Some of the detail was a bit much for my little ones, even my oldest got a bit lost now and then as we read, but regardless, this is one of those books that you can go back to again and again, and always get more out of your time in the pages.  And since there is a recommended reading list (my husband is SO grateful for that haha) you really can go so deep into His word and His creation!  And we cannot forget about the free curriculum- Young Explorers Club–  with fill-in-the-blanks, comprehension questions, a set of critical thinking questions for each chapter, and a list of los more verses to read and pray about. This curriculum has an answer key for “teacher” too and some nice certificates to print our for the “Young Explorer” too! This just adds to what I see as a fabulous and ongoing study tool (not just for the kids either!)


For the most part, I read the book out loud to my three children. There were times however that my oldest son, who is 9, chose to do some reading himself, aloud. We talked, a lot, as we read, like I said before, tons of questions and thoughts from all three of them! We also used the Young Explorers workbook for writing answers; a great way to introduce, more, the idea of notebooking for my oldest son. As we went along we would talk about the questions, the verses that were listed for reflection. In some cases my son would write them down in his own notebook. Other times we would really dig into the verse; pulling out a concordance or a commentary – good beginning study habits I say.


Displaying 20141110_120247.jpg


I cannot say enough how beautiful and vibrant the images within the pages of this book are. And for my younger son, who is five, this page, was by far his favorite. He wants to be an animal doctor when he gets big so he loves learning all about those creatures God created. Did you ever hear of the Piglet Squid? Or the Dumbo Octopus? We certainly did get a couple giggles out of these, and then lots of time looking up more details about these crazy creatures and where they live, what they eat.


Like I said before, there is just so much you can learn about within these pages and then beyond them. We will certainly be busy with this book for many years to come. Going a bit deeper each time.


Jeremiah 10:12-13 (KJV)   

He hath made the earth by his power, he hath established the world by his wisdom, and hath stretched out the heavens by his discretion.  When he uttereth his voice, there is a multitude of waters in the heavens, and he causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth; he maketh lightnings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of his treasures.

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