Friday Fun

Its a blessed Friday here!


ChristianFellowship_hopbutton   Last week was crazy. We totally lost power. Now we have been trying to prepare for off grid living anyway for the past year or two. Wow – was this ever a lesson for us in what it really means to be on our own. No electricity, no heat, no power anywhere at all – And there was no notice; it just suddenly was. Good practice I suppose, right?  At least now we know …..


My daughter is so excited that in about 3 more weeks we will hopefully know if our next addition is a girl or a boy. She is convinced she is having a baby sister; my oldest son and husband however are thinking this is another boy. Whatever happens, we remember that this is another blessing from the Lord which we must rejoice over. 🙂


In ten weeks our dearest daughter (we hosted her three years ago) from Brazil is coming back to us too for a nice long visit. Well, nine days. The kids are ecstatic; we all are!!!  It has been so long and she was one who was born again while with us and really struggled when she had to go. There was so much drama, sadness and tears when she had to go – We are really praying this will be a time of renewing in her spirit; we are all expecting great things for her, for His glory!


We are taking a break from full blown school for a couple weeks. My two boys have been taking part in an awesome Christian speech and debate group, this fall and my oldest has the chance to be part of a tournament this month. He is doing two speeches – one where he plans to “teach some basic Chinese phrases’ and one reenacting the story of Mulan sword and all. So there is much work, and fun, to be had in practicing and preparing poster boards and props…..I think he is getting an “acting bug” in all of this too!


I am digging into the roots of Christmas this month. And Hanukah too. I really like to study the Holy Days and am hoping I can, as I dig in more, share my thoughts and findings here, on this blog. I do believe that there is much within the Old Testament holy days for us to celebrate.   Think about it, Jesus, as a Jew, celebrated Hanukkah, and that should be a good enough reason for our family to as well!  In fact during the Festival of Lights, Jesus declared Himself  the light of the world and he literally brought light to the blind.  John 9:5-7  So I am going to dig in and see what I find; what He has to say about this season.


So what is new with you? What are your plans for Thanksgiving? What are your plans for the coming season? Do  come by and link up with us!


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