Countdown to Thanksgiving ~

We are not big on holidays around here; I admit it.  But our kids love them and we really do want to make memories that last, with our children. I think its so important for them to be able to look back and see those markers, behind them, reminding them of the way to go 🙂 So we have been trying to find some fun traditions of our own to begin in our family.  Thankfully, Amy Puetz has come to help us out with a copy of her book, Countdown to Thanksgiving.



This is full of fun activities for making memories; there are tons of great stories & activities  to keep you going for the 14 Days leading up to Thanksgiving itself.  Countdown to Thanksgiving is something the whole family can enjoy together too, even though it is written for ages 6 – 14 years (I have a four year old daughter who loves the stuff in this one). Every day there is a story to read from the 1800’s to early 1900’s and after every story there is a fun little activity that goes along with the story. Sometimes its a craft, other times a recipe, maybe a song or even a little skit to put on.


The book is 88 pages and is available as an ebook for only $17. Right now it also comes with a free bonus book full of coloring pages and a countdown calendar.  I received the ebook but if you prefer a printed book, you can order that instead. We do plan on getting this bound at some point since we are going to be using this one again and again (in fact just got this one out of our files today!).  In fact, from October 26-November 6 all orders for the printed book receive free shipping too.












So, what are you waiting for? Start making those wonderful Thanks Giving memories with your loved ones.




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