Save them!

social“It’s not too late! You can rescue your children from their technology and help them learn why and how to be social. Without social skills, they’ll be miserable, lonely, confused, angry, misled, depressed, unfulfilled. You know it’s a huge issue today and I’m glad you’re concerned. In Growing Up Social, Chapman and Pellicane share ideas that will equip you to have instructive conversations with your kids and make realistic and significant changes so they willingly decrease their screen time and confidently increase their friend time.” –  KATHY KOCH, founder and president of Celebrate Kids, Inc., and author of Finding Authentic Hope and Wholeness and How Am I Smart? and coauthor of No More Perfect Kids


Most people who really know me, know that I am not a big fan of technology. I see kids and parents in restaurants each on their own device, I watch kids at church and other gatherings all stuck to their gadgets. And it makes me sad. And mad. I admit it; there are times that technology can be a good thing, but how much damage it can do as well. We must be wise. Especially where our children are concerned.

I am a big fan of Gary Chapman’s books so when I had the chance to review a copy of Growing Up Social: raising relational kids in a screen-driven world, I jumped that it. Almost immediately when I began reading too, I was nodding in agreement. Pondering the words on every page. You see my husband and I are very different in this regard. He grew up with television and video games; he is a big fan of technology. I never owned a television, my first cell phone was one issued by my employer long ago … I had to be, still have to be, dragged into technology while he embraces it. Its hard to walk that fine line.

This book discusses some pretty tough topics and the impact of technology on kids and openly discussing both the pros and the cons of technology use. If we are honest, we have to admit that technology does affect the development of so many needed life skills.  This book gives us all practical ways to help our kids learn and be prepared for a successful life offline. On so many levels it is so important for us to “disconnect’ from the digital world and just enjoy one another.  May we then raise children who grow up to responsibly use this technology that cannot be avoided but must be managed.

There are lots of great tools in the appendix as well covering: Social Development, a quiz to help determine if your child has too much screen time and some very meaty discussion questions for your family or a small group too.

Can we relate to one another? Without the screen? It seems this is a talent that so many lack more and more in society today.  Let us bless our children with the gift of true, real relationships.  Offline.

If you are a parent, I ABSOLUTELY recommend you read this one.  Slowly, honestly, eyes open wide!  ❤

If we are not alert, the Information Age, may very well stunt our growth, creating a permanent puberty of the mind. ~ Shane Hipps





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