When It’s Just Hard

I remember hearing a message some time ago about how important it is for us to be ready to love and share His truth with people we don’t like. People we don’t think are “possible” Since I was once considered “impossible” myself, I guess this one was that much more powerful to me.


And today, we are about three months into a nine month exchange program; hosting a young lady from China who is anything but a good fit, for our home and family. I see it as impossible; I admit I count the days until she returns home. My son, who is five, asks often when she will be gone. We try to talk about the differences in her world and ours but for kids, its always simpler than its really made out to be. This is a quiet girl who keeps to herself; in our loud and crazy home, its always been refreshing to see these kids jump right in. But not this one; this one hides. All the time. So far removed from all of us. Not really a part of anything. Makes it hard to love her.


A stranger in a strange land. Unable to understand so much; very separate from the rest of us and so very far away from home. I can not imagine being so fearful, so surrounded by things unknown and at the same time  so afraid to step outside of myself and ask.  How do you encourage one to seek out understanding?


I admit I have sought the Lord much on this. I know He sends these kids our way; we have never once hosted one that we chose. They have all been different of course; unique and spirited youth that were eager and excited to experience everything they could here. Well, not all of them were that spirited. The two from China we have found were both so very reserved it hindered their progress here. Yet looking back every one of them (this new one only God knows of course) gave their life over; they were born again of the water and of the spirit in their time with us. Glorious!


God is in control. I want be used, I want to be His vessel. And I have to be ready and willing to do this. The hard stuff. The things that don’t look like any fruit is going to come. I have to weather the storm, keep my eyes on Him. I have to know too that this is not about myself or my family; it’s all about Him. He calls them here; we give them a place to learn and get to know our Lord and Saviour. I mean what is more important than eternity for our souls? I am a control freak – I think I need to see something happening – I need to trust. Step out more and more in faith; obey Him. Listen to Him. Know that He has got this however the story ends.


We cannot like everyone that comes our way. And it is so true, that He will send us people who will be a test to us and our faith. It would be so easy for us to ask them to send her away; to another family for the rest of the year. I have thought about it, prayed for Him to let me let go. Silence. No response because He knows, that I know His answer. We need to be strong and we need to just keep living the truth in the hopes that something she sees will move her closer. Cause her to seek Him more. And when we seek Him, truly, all else will follow.  I am beginning my days seeking His will in my day, as always, but more, seeking His voice for this young one who is so lost.


Time is short. There are without a doubt signs all over the world; He is coming back very soon. And we need to be ready. We need to gather people together; we need to speak boldly, His truth, the words that give life eternal. The way is narrow, and few there will be that find it but we should not, we cannot, ever let that stop us from sharing the gospel with everyone we know who does not know. Let us preach the word and strive to:





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