What Are We Reading Today ?

It’s getting colder outside here in Wisconsin and with the colder weather, my stack of books seems to grow taller and taller 🙂 I mean what could be better than curling up with a couple good books and some tea (or coffee) as you watch the snow come down? So here are our latest reads; do share what you are enjoying while you are here!


Christ in the Sabbath: The Sabbath is a precious gift; one with a powerful purpose too.  My family has been seeking to learn more, and practice more, the Sabbaths in our home. So this was a wonderful read that really provided so much insight and revelation. Sabbath keeping is about  trust in God , faith that he provides,. It is also a way to share God’s goodness. . We see through the Old Testament, the New Testament, as well as the inter-testament times the power and importance of keeping the Sabbath, as commanded.. When Jesus arrives, in the New Testament, teaching and preaching the Word of God in wisdom and with authority, we can see how even He emphasizes the value and need of Sabbath keeping..  Now, the Sabbath is about restoration; a greater understanding of His eternal plan for our lives. . It is about having more of the mind of God;. keeping His way in our life that as God planned.. And in this way the Sabbath is one more gift which frees us in our walk with Him.  Let us honor and keep His day, resting in Him, so that we may be ever more in His image. Walking ever closer to Him.


Christ’s Prophetic Plans: It is important for us to understand the different views of the millenium
and know why we believe what we do. Since God specifically promises His blessing on those who know and obey the things of biblical prophecy (Revelation 1:3; 22:7) it should encourage us that much more to study to show ourselves approved. Macarthur says that  “Futuristic Premillennialism is the result of an understanding and application of the prophetic texts in a way that is consistent with the normal, literal approach to interpreting Scripture.” Using this hermeneutics the authors arrive at this Futuristic Premillennial view.” There is so much going on in this world today; it is a dark time with many who are seeking answers. And those answers are all within the pages of the Bible itself.  While I do not ascribe to the doctrinal teachings of Macarthur, I do believe there is much we an gain by understanding the various views that are out there in regards to Eschatology itself. Within this book are 10 Chapters each one defining and explaining an aspect of future events. “Dispensationalism” and “Premillennialism” these are all  broken down so that anyone can understand their importance . Dr. MacArthur and Dr. Mayhue are unapologetic concerning their holding to a “Pre-Tribulation Rapture” view of the church before the 7 years of Tribulation (God’s final judgment on a sinful rebellious world) begins. There is also a chart provided with in the book showing the 4 major time periods with three different events happening in between the first and final period of time as we know it. This really does break in down in such a way that thing are much easier to understand for anyone. This is quite a heavy read though, tons of scripture is used to lay out each viewpoint while using God’s word to show the truth of end times. Unsure of what you believe and why? Consider studying this book;  designed to help you determine what the truth it about prophecy. Considering how full of prophecy His word is, surely we need to seek and understand it.



Bonhoeffer, Abridged is an amazing story of true faith and courage. I have always admired what little I have known of this man. But reading his story; how he faced evil with the Nazi’s as a double agent…I had no idea! May we all have the determination to do the will of God as radically, courageously, and joyfully—even to the point of death. This is a sad yet inspiring story, how a life be in a place of evil and yet do such great works for the Kingdom of God. As my children get older I find it so valuable for them, and myself too, to read these stories. To be reminded that we have not yet truly begun to face persecution as so many in the past have. It is a prayer of mine, that should we ever be faced with such evil we too could stand as sure and strong in our faith in the Lord as he did. Can I admit though, the abridged version did leave me feeling there was much more that was left out of the story? I know many who are not such avid readers and perhaps this would do well for them but I want all the details I think for myself. Regardless I do believe we need to have that fire alive within every one of us, always, to be bold in our stand for Christ.


Love to Read


So what are you reading? Do you have anything to recommend?

Be blessed my friends!



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