Why Do We Call it Christmas?

We discovered the What’s in the Bible? DVD series about a year ago and it quickly became a favorite in our house. VeggieTales Phil Vischer created this fun but meaty series of puppets and preaching for the older kids. It’s a bit silly, a lot of laughs for the kids while at the same time teaching them lots of really good stuff.




If you have read any of my previous posts here, you know that our family has moved further away from the Christmas festivities in the past few years. I a however big on making sure our kids understand the meaning behind these holidays and teaching them to be wise in all that they do. Certainly the focus of every day and all celebrations should be to keep Christ at the center of it all.   And this DVD, Why Do We Call it Christmas? from  What’s in the Bible?  is a great way to help our children see the history of this holiday and these days line up with the Word of God itself.

In Why Do We Call it Christmas?  they tackle some of those uncomfortable topics.  Like Santa Claus.  Do your kids believe in Santa?  ? Of course not, and they did a wonderful job, presenting the history of St. Nicholas and how he eventually “became” Santa Claus.  There was an amazing amount of historical information provided; in a way that kids could understand.  I was doubly impressed  with how they handled the actual dating of Christ’s birthday ( check it out yourself; he was born in  the fall) and how they discussed even incorporated Hannukah into this DVD.


As a family have are always seeking to celebrate Biblical holy days more and more as part of our homeschool. and in our faith life.  In fact, we are preparing our menorahs for the Festival of Lights during Hanukkah this year! The way that it is presented in “Why do we call it Christmas?” is nothing but Biblical!  My oldest is very particular too in what he will watch; we have stopped many shows because he sees things that just aren’t in the Bible.  At only 9 years old, he is my little evangelist in the works! But he really loved this video too :-))


As I said before, we teach our kids to compare all things to God’s Word and through this whole video there were lots of references to location of scripture in the Bible itself. Good apolgetics exercise for us!

Get a peek here:


We really do enjoy the What’s in the Bible? series.  While I always stress, as with any thing we use, to be discerning. Test all things against His word.  Do visit them here to learn more about this fun series and how it can help your kids to grow and love His word.


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