What about Miss Mason

I recently picked up a copy of “For the Children’s Sake” by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay, and I am so excited by all I have read. I have long been seeking a better way for my children; one that inspires my children and instills a true love for learning and if the educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason do not hit that nail right on the head.

Now this is a very different form of education than many of us, myself included, are used to. It’s so much more than reading, writing and arithmetic, certainly though, these are included.  But  Charlotte Mason says “Education is a discipline, education is an atmosphere and education is a life.” She encourages us to see our children as born people  — when nurtured on a feast of noble ideas through “living” books, picture studies, nature studies    (those things typically considered to be  “extras” ) our children are better able to develop their own ideas utilizing all around them: God’s world in nature, art, literature, history, music and, of course, God’s written Word. Surely we want our children to have a worldview with the Bible at the center of it all 🙂

That said, here are my “favorite” websites I am enjoying, great for “living” resources and inspiration:

  • Simply Charlotte Mason: Some wonderful and free ebooks regarding the method of a  Charlotte Mason Education
  • Ambleside Online: Using the resource lists to start out ; lots of other great tools to help us along too – even detailed schedules to follow
  • Moments with Motherculture: So inspiring; and from what I can see so far, her books are a “must” read for all home educating mommas out there

Other Resources I found helpful and enriching:

  • Five in a Row:  We are beginning with this in January. I am excited about this too; getting the book lists together. Unit study style – something new for all!
  • Practical Pages: Charlotte Mason and Notebooking, for my oldest to begin.
  • Doorposts: Beautiful habit and character training materials
  • Life of Fred For my two boys – glad to get my hands on these!

I am sure there will be more added as we go along too. My oldest son is in his first year as a Cub Scout and he is very interested in woodworking and model building – We recently stumbled across both of these sites and plan to use them in our homeschool too. For cooking, a wonderful 52 week free curriculum and another amazing craft curriculum too!  He has taken more of an interest in computers and coding too so trying to work in some of that here. 

There is also guitar, public speaking, Chinese language and some fun with our church’s Bible Quiz program and children’s choir. Not sure how this will all look but I have no doubt we are going to have a truly exciting and fun filled year regardless!


How is  your homeschool year? Any favorites you care to share? Any struggles or successes? Let us come together for this exciting journey of ours.

Bless you all!



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