Sorrow with Peace

I am always surprised by people who call themselves Spirit filled Children of God. Sometimes I do not know why it surprises me any more … the Bible even says, “few there be.” And we are in a world where everyone professes to be a Christian; the word has so little meaning and power anymore. It makes me so sad.


While our in-laws were with us my husband let them know we would not be traveling for the coming holiday; my husbands mother than proceeds to “advise” us (angrily) that we should think about not having any more children if we cannot afford to come see them. Earlier that day, I came home from my doctors appointment; kids and all were quite excited to find that they will all have another sister come April. A time of rejoicing yet, because we will not be traveling soon to Michigan, the joy is damped by another. One who should also be full of joy for this new life to come into the world.


What makes me so mad in all of this (as well as how it hurts my husband who has always been so close to his family) is the unsaved family my husband has; his mother and father are their only witnesses to “truth” – I have tried to be nice but finally confronted her on her lack of respect for our family and husband and wow -” I am righteous and judgemental and how dare I” she says- according to His word we are called to judge … if what we do and say does not line up with His word, someone needs to make it known. We cannot always see our own sins; besides that it is also about so much more. If we say we serve the Lord we must show it too.

We need to be teachable; we need to be willing to hear and take correction. I am not perfect; I know where I am weak and where I lack in my walk with the Lord – my husband and my kids do not need this and I am not, I admit, one to look the other way. Not when it is what I see, a danger, to my home and family. Anything that steals our family’s peace and joy…It must be dealt with because me and my house? We serve the Lord.

I thank the Lord every day that He is so strong in our children and that He has brought some wonderful people into our lives who show our children (and my husband) true love in a way that is Christ-like. Family is not what most think it is; rather the Lord brings those to us who edify us and build us up; who help us to grow and walk closer to the Lord. It does make me sad though that while she could love and enjoy her grandchildren she does not desire to know them.

I pray for her that this bitterness and anger may be seen and repented of before it is too late.  More, I pray she will see how blessed she truly is to have the family she does; that she will seek to love and know her grandchildren, and love her son, as we are called to do. Short is the time I believe, before He returns and we must be ready.

May we all be ready for Him ❤


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