Review: What’s In The Bible: Battle for the Promised Land #4

witb jericho

When my children were younger we loved the Veggies Tales; as they have gotten older though, they have lost that love. Thankfully, there is What’s in the Bible?

Buck Denver and friends continue their quest to learn What’s in the Bible, Volume 4 of the 13 What’s in the Bible? DVD’s. In Battle for the Promised Land, they visit the Old Testament books Joshua, Judges and Ruth. What could be better than that:-)

These are on sale from 12/5-12/24 for $9.97! That’s a real deal :-d


There are two episodes on this both about 25 minutes in length:

Finally, the Promised Land! Learn all about Joshua and get the answers to some tricky questions about fighting and killing as the Bible says.

Cycle of Misery: The time of the Judges and the Bible’s amazing story of love, loyalty and faith – Ruth.

This is probably my oldest son’s favorite story in the Bible right now; showing the power of God and what can happen when we hear, obey and worship Him with all we’ve got.  No matter how strange or silly it seems, we need only follow Him. God always keeps His promises (Joshua 6:2, 20). The walls of Jericho fell because God said they would. God’s promises to us today are just as certain.  When we step out in faith it allows those things He has for us to happen in amazing ways!

The Book of Ruth always makes me think of the song, I Will Follow by Chris Tomlin. When we think of her story; she was a stranger in a strange land. Dedicated and loyal to her mother-in-law. A deep desire to love and serve. Ruth is such an example to us all;  she had an open mind and a teachable spirit, she may not have understood the ways of the people but she heard and obeyed (Ruth 3:2-5). If we will simply trust in the Lord, there are such blessings that come from faithfulness. He is after all, a rewarder of those diligently seeking Him.

Did I mention all the fun puppets and silly songs? And then there is Quacky’s Questions – learn about love and kindness, even when its hard, as this little duck seeks answers to some of those hard things in life. Its great fun for all three of my kids (me too!)  and the best part is all that they learn without even realizing it 🙂



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