Jots and Tittles

jotMatthew 5:18 (KJV) For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

Have you ever been told you take things too seriously? Or to just “let it go?”

I admit, I am a digger. I am a black and white kinda gal. I like to know all the information and then be able to see the right and the wrong in things. SO when I read my Bible, I tend to take the words on those pages very seriously. Why would they be there after all, if it was not as a testimony for us; to show us the way?

I read this verse this morning and it just hit me. Times change, relevancy changes things, but every word of His word, it all applies to us today. Every bit of it has meaning if we seek after it, for how we ought to live and love.

The word “jot”, it is the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet; the word “Yodh” which means basically, an iota. It is the smallest letter in their alphabet too. So just as the smallest letter has great meaning, so the smallest commandment, the smallest word within the Bible too, has such power and purpose.

“Tittle”.  My son thinks that’s a fun word. Tittle means the little lines, those projections which make the Hebrew letters stand apart one from another.  In the Greek it is said to be a slightly decorative mark on the letters. Like the dotting of the “I” versus the lines of the “l”.

Just knowing that gives me pause. When God speaks of these things, it is clear, He is letting us know, it all matters. His word will come to pass, every bit of it, and every little word and line and mark no those pages, it has power. It has great meaning.

We must search the scriptures for His way, not man’s. Let us honor and love these marks and lines because it was with great love that they were given to us.

Let us not be so quick to look at the law of God and dismiss it beign not for us, as if God just intended it for the Israelites back then. Far from it! God’s law, its greater purpose, is love and eternity, That is why Jesus says that none of it would pass until all is fulfilled. He has the big picture.

Obedience to the law certainly can not, alone save us, but this is the wisdom and the love of God, we are so blessed to have revealed to us. It matters because these are His words; He sees them as important and valuable to our eternal life.

Let us then study them to understand live our lives holier than ever before. For without holiness, none shall see the Lord.


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