Who Wants A Love Letter from God?

I love a good children’s book – one that shows the love of God. I mean, it is so important for our children to grow up in the knowledge of Him and His love for each one of them. That is just what, A Love Letter from God is; a personal letter to the child reading, from God. ❤


letter god

I love how the author P. K. Hallinan says, “When I started this project, I felt that God told me to ‘Just let children know how much I love them.” So I asked Him to speak the words Himself, through my heart, and I would put them to paper. And I believe He did this. This book’s message reinforces the presence of God in a child’s life by showing how God manifests Himself at every moment of every day.” Hallinan has been creating books for children since his wife first asked him to write for their two boys more than 30 years ago. Today Hallinan writes uplifting stories about holidays, relationships, and life values. 



My daughter, who is three, just loves this book. With its simple yet rich illustrations, and heart shaped cuts within the pages, you can see and feel the love of God as you read every page. As we read, we learn how to share His love and goodness and mercy with others because “your heart is a reflection of me”. Every page is a beautiful message and reminder of His presence in our life. Even in he storms, He tells our children, He will make them strong. Faith in His promises, every page, showing His creation and the simple things He created in the beginning that bless us each and every day. If we look for His hand in all things.


There is nothing that brings more joy to my heart than being able to share a story like this one with my children. One where, on every page, we can read and talk about our Lord and His deep love for each of us. A Love Letter From God does it all! Its fun to see to, how children see blessings in the simple things – the moon, stars, fireflies, flowers, sandy beaches, rainbows, sunrises and sunsets…All these show the depth of love our Heavenly Father has for every one of us and how much He truly blesses us in the littlest, simplest things. We have learned, and will continue to learn, how to see Him in all things. Every day, every moment.


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