Friday Five Fun Fellowship

pebble pond


1)  Counting down the days – Tuesday our “exchange daughter” from Brazil comes back to visit us. After hosting her three years ago she is finally coming to visit – for nine days!!  We are all so very excited to see her. Words cannot express how much a part of us this girl, with her shining light so bright, blessed us all. 🙂


2)  I have just started reading the Thomas Jefferson Education book; I was blessed by my sweet husband with the homeschool bundle and am beginning my journey in this. So far it is spot on in so many ways. I am loving it. Eager to get everyone else in our home involved too! This is a wonderful program I see, already.


3) Four more months until our fourth little blessing is here. It’s a girl – my daughter is super excited to have a sister. To be a big sister. I  cannot wait for her to be born either. Mostly due to the extreme nausea that is with me almost daily, almost everything is making me sick right now and so far I am not finding anything good to help ease my suffering. haha   He who endures to the end, right?


4) We had to put down one of our doggies recently; very unexpected. After we came home from church we et our lil guy out; somehow while out there he had something rupture along his spinal cord (so the vet said) and when we went to let him back in he could not walk. We were told this is not unusual; I think it is as to my kiddos. They miss him quite a bit; unlike our English Bulldog this one loved to snuggle and play and go for walks – he was their best friend.


5) I am becoming a minimalist. Since the new year I have thrown away so much stuff. My kids have even taken part in this; offering up old toys and books that they no longer use or just never really got into. Since we completed the home renovation of our new kitchen we have yet to really “get organized” but now that my husband is planning another home improvement project, and we have number four coming, I am really big on getting it all together. There is too, I think, something to be said for an organized home and a family that is full of peace.


Since its pretty cold and snowy here in Wisconsin it should be a nice quite weekend at home. I am looking forward to it myself. So many good reads I have waiting for me, and some nice new teas to try out too!  Be blessed ❤


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