34 Weeks of Clean! About that Pantry

We didn’t quite make it to Week 1 of this challenge. But I thought today, I would begin. Mostly because our kitchen, it has been the project in our home for some time. It used to be a mud room – nothing but cold cement floor, walls…a broken and falling in ceiling. Today it is a beautiful kitchen; tons of cabinet space and counter space….you know what happens in this situation right? It’s a mess (if you did not guess)With baby number four coming along, we need to, for once and for all, get it together. And since the kitchen is THE place to be, it needs to be a place of peace. a cozy, welcoming spot. Right now, it is a bit of chaos I admit it. No one can really find anything, except for me. hahaIt’s just not condusive to kids in the kitchen either and with three little ones who, don’t want, but demand to be a part of everything that is made in this room, we need a better way.That said it was exciting to be invited by my friends Michele and Kemi to join them in their challenge: “34 Weeks of Clean”. I’m going to do my best to keep up with them for the whole 34 weeks. And of course, I hope to encourage all of you, in this plan to take back our homes.To begin, of course, we need to clean all those shelves, top to bottom and Michele has provided us with a wonderful all natural cleaner recipe.  A big thank you to my friend!So out comes every bit of clutter; focusing on the shelves that are for food stuffs for now. How much we have. Is it just me or does everyone else have too much? Holiday overflow perhaps? Either way, time to do inventory of what we have; check those expiration dates, wipe down some of those bottles too.How about spices? I seem to collect them. SO many bottles of spices; Cajun, steak rubs – you name it I think I’ve got it. If you are like me too, you store extra food in case of emergencies. (we had a total power outage that lasted for about two days not that long ago!)  We have most of those foods in plastic tubs that we store on shelves in our garage (good for storing canned goods too). Since we don’t have a basement in our home this is the best place really to store some food things because: it is cooler, and the built in shelves along the walls are away from little hands and out of the way in general for those things that are meant to be stored more and accessed less often.I do have some long term goals for kitchen storage that I need to work out still. We buy our flour (almond, coconut, bread flour) in bulk. Same with rice and noodles and cereals (oatmeal too) so I need to determine some affordable ways to store these things. Its a work in progress right?  For now at least,  I am able to keep these with freezer bags and a few larger glass and plastic containers we do have.
There is a bit of peace that seems to come every week, for me, that there is some simple thing completed, organized, cleaned, within our home. A refreshing 🙂

If you’d like to join in the challenge, you can find Michele’s posts at her blog: Family, Faith, and Fridays, on her Facebook page, or just click the button below. She will also be hosting a weekly link-up for any other bloggers who care to share pictures of their progress.


One thought on “34 Weeks of Clean! About that Pantry

  1. Glad you are going to join us! These next few weeks should help you i the kitchen area for sure. Spoiler alert- Be on the look out next week for some help with the spices! 😉

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