We are Made for Community

As an avid lover of Bible Study, I am always excited to find tools that I can use to help me gain a greater understanding of Biblical truths. In this case, community, relationships. How precious these are to our Lord and thus, so should they be to us. That said, please do join me as I strive to spend 8 weeks in His Word, as it takes us deeper into the true meaning and purpose of community. We were made for this!    made

S~ And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly
places in Christ Jesus: That in the ages to come he might shew the
exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ
Jesus.~ KJV Ephesians 2:6-7
{O} Paul says that God raises us up with Christ! We once were dead in sin, unrighteous, and objects of His wrath. But by His grace we are saved, raised and born again, as His children. Jesus’ sacrificed and was resurrected so that we too, just as HE did, could have a new life in Christ.. Paul says we are to be seated “in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus.” Are you as awestruck and humbled by that idea as I am? We have such an amazing and awesome privilege of walking with Jesus now; He chose us, each one of us.  Called us out of the world – we are hand picked by God himself. “We are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10) We are “God’s handiwork,” His masterpiece, His works of art. We were created in His image, and then called by Him to be re-created by Him, in a special relationship, with all of the blessings that come from being one of the ecclesia (called out ones). Our lives are to be a testimony to who He is and the incomparable riches of His grace … if we truly are His salt and light, just as those bugs are attracted to a fire, so ought those who are seeking Him to be attracted to us. Let our lights shine before man so that he may be glorified.
{A} As it says in Genesis 1:27, I was made by God, created  in His image. As were each of you.  Because He loves us so, because He took our sins upon Him and went to the cross, we  are able to have an intimate relationship with Him today.  There is a power that comes from being saved, sanctified, in His name. Giving our live to Him wholly and loving Him with all of our body, heart, mind, soul, and strength.  I am saved, redeemed, and filled with His Spirit; I AM able to do greater things because of He that is in me. I have a great purpose, I have the answer for that hope and joy that fills me. God has so much prepared for me, and when I walk with Jesus,  when I am obedient to His word and His will for my life, how His plans and His purposes shall show themselves revealed in a glorious way. Just as He came not to be served, but to serve, so am I here to serve God, for the glory of God!

{P} My Jesus, I thank You today for the gift of Your Word today, Your grace, and Your mercy and your great love. Where would I be without you, had you not reached out your hand and lifted me out of the pit I was in.. Jesus I seek your heart in my life; give me your heart for those in need-  Give me strength and peace to walk in your ways; to follow you even in those times when it seems impossible – when my heart may be broken by one dear to me. Help me to remember that I am I never alone and I am never unworthy, for I am Yours, I am a child of the one true King, created in your image with an amazing purpose. Let me rest always in you, knowing that I have been blessed with the hope and peace, joy and strength that comes from you alone, my precious Lord and Saviour ~ In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dHjgFiISLk&feature=youtu.be

Have a truly wonderful and blessed day my friends !



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