Never Ceasing

ceasingI am so tired today. We have had such struggles in our home this past month. A exchange student from China and our visiting daughter from Brazil (broken hearts, many tears) – A Bible Quiz tournament (awesome fun!)- lots of little things along the way. Been a bumpy ride so today’s verse really, really spoke to me.

S: John 15:5 I am that vine; ye are the branches; he that abideth in me and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit; for without me ye can do nothing.

O: I admit it, I am a “do it myself” kind of gal. I was raised in a strong, non Christian home where if you needed help it was a sign of weakness, It has been a hard habit to break; going to Him for everything big and small. Yet I have found myself seeing a greater need, going to Him more, in deeper prayer as we have had one struggle after another – with our student from China – my feeling unprepared and unable to be what this child really needs. And to be able to be what my family and home needs. Feeling spread thin – because there are things I am not taking to Him. I need to abide in Him always.

A: We are to pray without ceasing; that means all day, throughout the day. Pray when in traffic, pray when my washing machine is smoking and water is leaking out (this morning haha) pray when I am tired, when I am stressed, pray when I just am because He is such a good God. praise Him. His breath is what I need; His Spirit is all that I need. But I have to ask; I must humble myself and go to Him. No request or need we have is silly in HIs eyes. He loves us and wants to give us those good gifts just as we seek to give those gifts to our own children.

P: Lord Jesus, as I struggle today, as I see things that I did not plan, as I seek to control the days and events in my life help me to let go of my need for control. Jesus help me to abide in you alone; remind me whisper to me when I seem to be moving away, remind me that I need to stay on that vine or I shall lose much. I trust you Jesus, I have faith and I know that every word and every thing in my life, these have all been approved by you. My yesterday, today and tomorrow you know what is and you approve it. I don’t need to understand but Lord give me the faith to praise you, to thank you for every moment of my days.

in Jesus name I pray ❤ ❤ ❤




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