Love What is Different

I missed yesterday myself so forgive me please. Its been busy; emotionally challenging. But God is still good, He is in control. Just have to rest and breathe; take comfort in His peace and love. 🙂 Feeling His peace and presence as never before these past few days. Glorious indeed ❤

S – Romans 15:7 (KJV) Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.

O – There are things we have to do, things we don’t want to do perhaps, yet there is a purpose in them – it is good for us – exercise, or forgiveness, prayer, eating right…getting enough rest .. . Paul writes about the importance of, accepting one another, each of us in Christ, as they are. We may not like them, it is true, but do we love them? They know us by our love for one another. Perhaps the greatest challenge in this walk for us can be accepting, in love, those He has called our Brothers and Sisters. Be they rich or poor, wise or uneducated, a diamond or a diamond in the rough…Do we love and accept them as Christ accepts and loves us?

A – We are all made up so differently. I am a very outspoken, a bit headstrong, kind of gal. I know I can be hard to get used to. I came out of some very dark places; I am not complete yet but God is working on me. I also tend to be more of an introvert so I have been told, I tend to not be a part of the gang. lol I like my alone time; I like quiet when I can get it. I tend to, I admit, look down on texting and constant electronics – call me old fashioned 😛 But I know too that others love to chat and are all about the latest fashions, etc. They need more of that social interaction than I do. I have to be patient, I have to hold my tongue and see them as He does. We each have a need within; a purpose that He created us for. So many ties, especially in church, I get frustrated by chatty mommas when I just want to enjoy the sermon yet in so many ways they have filled a need for another. Ministering in a way only they can. We need to see the blessings that may not be for us, the needs that others may have that are being met. Even when it is in a way or by one we do not “like”. Remembering, even Balaam’s donkey had a calling – purpose is His to know. We are to be faithful in what He gives us.

P – Jesus I know that you love me and for that I am forever grateful. Jesus may eternity be the focus of all that I say and do. May I Show you and be more like you, in all things every day. Mold me, teach me. Help me to feel your love in a way that is so complete, it overflows to others about me. I need your eyes and your heart Lord, especially for those who I do not see or understand ~ Help me Jesus to trust in you, to know and rest in knowing that you have a greater purpose for all of us. help me to love and appreciate all every one of us does; in our way, as you made us to be, in Jesus name



be blessed!


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