How Sharp Can You Be?

A bit behind myself but here goes; picking up on Thursday and thinking I will read today’s tomorrow or maybe even this evening if I have a chance. Hubby will be out of town for most of the weekend for work so don’t want to cut into that time too much. 🙂 On the bright side, I am looking forward to a quieter weekend; time to catch up on some reading.  And enjoy my hidden pint of Cherry Garcia in the freezer 😛
S:  Proverbs 27:17: Iron sharpeneth iron, so doth man sharpen the face of his friend,
O: Matthew Henry’s commentary states: Good men’s graces are sharpened by converse with those that are good, and bad men’s lusts and passions are sharpened by converse with those that are bad, as iron is sharpened by its like, especially by the file. Men are filed, made smooth, and bright, and fit for business (who were rough, and dull, and inactive), by conversation so as to provoke one another to love and to good works and so to make one another wiser and better.  So is the Word of God a “double-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12), meant to be used to sharpen one another—in all times. It challenges us, it refines us, it builds us up and sometimes tears us down. I read that “a knife that has been sharpened will also shine more because all the dullness has been rubbed off its surface. Likewise, we will shine better for our Lord if we do the things mentioned above consistently, uniting us as the Body of Christ, all in one accord.”

A:  This is a reminder that we can be sharpened both in a positive and a negative way.  We MUST be conscious of our environments and our “sharpening buddies!” It causes me to pause, to think of a conversation with our estranged exchange daughter (now) after I had this very conversation with her before she left our home so abruptly. We must be wise in who we choose to spend our time with. My dearest, oldest friend, is very troubled and lives a swinger lifestyle; tattooed and pierced everywhere; drugs and alcohol (riddles my extended family too) and this causes me to use a bit more caution when coming together with them. We want to reach out to those in need; we are told if we love Jesus, we will seek them out to offer them that bread and water, that is life eternal. But we must be wise as we do so, as whatever we do has an effect of some sort upon us as well. Is it one that brings us closer to Christ or one that draws us further from Him and His word?
P: Jesus I pray, that you will use me more this year. Lord I Seek these spiritual gifts that you have for me. I claim the power that is in your name; I claim the title of child of the one true king. Yet I know there is so much more that can e done, that I can do, for your Kingdom. Lord direct my steps, may my words be your words and my light, your light. Use me Lord; fill me to overflowing with your Spirit and your love. In Jesus name ❤
“Companionship is that which teaches mortals everything.”

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