Revive the Love of Reading Aloud

I have always loved to read. I remember this old tape recorder I had when I was a kid. I would gather my stuffed animals and dolls about me, and record myself reading to my little friends. I never got tired of doing this.


Then I had my own children and while I still find there is nothing I enjoy more than a good book; the love of reading aloud to small and super active and loud children, is a hard thing to maintain.  In the last year, I think I burned out. The joy just wasn’t there. It was a real struggle to maintain my enthusiasm.

We are home educators for those of you who do not know. We have an amazing collection of books for our children. A girl who is three, two boys who are 5 and 9 – Another on the way in April. As you can imagine its quite a collection for our cozy little home. 🙂

We were recently blessed with quite the collection too; many old, classic books – All great quality, non-twaddle (you know what that means, if you are a fellow CM mom) – Super exciting! Unless you have lost that love….

Displaying 20150123_120606.jpg      At this point I just knew something had to change. My husband and boys (totally opposite of me) are great fans of television and video games; I did not grow up with television and if it wasn’t for my husband would never have owned one myself. I remember what a blessing it was; the experiences and the places I went ( in my head through amazing books!)  There was no way I wanted my children to not have the experience and love for literature, that I have (had).  There was work to be done; it was time to roll up my sleeves. ha-ha


Enter in, the Read Aloud Revival. Did you know there was such a thing?

The Read-Aloud Revival is an ongoing podcast hosted by Sarah Mackenzie, mama of six and author of Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace. I was so very blessed to have the chance to review this one and if you are looking for an inspirational and transforming read, don’t miss this one (my review is here). On the podcast, Sarah chats with educators, authors, and others who are dedicated to helping parents to shape their family culture around a love for shared reading.


Listen to the podcast to get the inspiration and tools you need to form a read-aloud habit in your home.  I have them on Stitcher myself so I can listen while I clean, cook or just rest a bit (this is huge as right now I am beat, all the time – only a few more months to go!)

Want to join in? Start your read aloud habit with me! On this amazing site you can download lots of great (and free) tools to help you in your journey. There is The Jumpstart Challenge e-guide, a printable tracker and worksheets, an audio download, and a link to a great group who are also dedicated to reviving a love for reading aloud in their families. All here to help you make a plan and then make it happen!





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