Imperfect People Need Love Too

Just catching up on my SOAP from Friday and wanted to share with you all. Praying you are all having a Jesus filled, peace full weekend 🙂

S: Luke 6:35 (KJV) But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

O: Today’s verse is something I have really been wrestling with this week. Isn’t it so hard to show love and compassion to those who are “enemies” ~ People who hurt us.  Another gal was telling me how she went and read the whole chapter for this day. And noticed this is where Judas is introduced. He is the last apostle(Luke 6:16). The traitor; he who betrayed Jesus with a kiss. He followed, and walked in the presence of Jesus. Judas was loved by Jesus even after his betrayal of Christ. Its hard to remember; its a tough pill to swallow. That in the Kingdom of God, economy I am no better than Judas. The difference being how we live through the Holy Spirit. Do we repent from our sins, truly, seeking a clean heart? We are to ABIDE… True abiding is when you love your enemies. When we love them like Jesus. This is tough. It makes you vulnerable to broken hearts but wen we are willing and ready to get our hands dirty in those messy places, imperfect people…imagine the blessings which abound. And not for just us.

A: Jesus refers to the devil as a thief who comes only to kill and steal and destroy. If we are not careful our joy and peace too will be stolen from us. We must be alert, always ready, and always striving to abide in Him. It is a challenge for me to walk humbly, to be meek. Especially when another (in the faith no less) betrays us, hurts us – to move forward and continue to pray for them and seek His goodness for their life. Patience and gentleness in the Spirit – if we abide in Him – these fruits will show in abundance. But we must be always on guard, of our heart and mind, capturing both, for Christ. Filling both with the things of the Kingdom. Keeping our hearts and minds on Him for He is all we need.

P: Jesus, I know I have not responded as I should have in the past week. I can only imagine how the hurt I felt compares to that which you feel when I sin against you. When I Choose to do it myself; to be strong without you, to do a thing without waiting for your Word. Lord help me to always seek that gentle and meek spirit; to show your light and love, even in those times when myheart is breaking and I feel such unimaginable pain. Lord help me to pray for blessings for those who hurt me , who hurt you Lord, to wash myself in your love and peace. And trust, in faith, your plan. IN Jesus name.



Enjoy your weekend and I pray you are all so very blessed 🙂


Shabbat Shalom my friends ❤


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