Choose THIS Day…




O:  We must all choose, just as the Israelites had to so long ago, who we will serve. Sadly there are so very many who no not make their election sure. Their choosing is not a firm one. If only we could “make” them. Yet this is such a personal choice to follow God. We must lead by example, following Christ in all things;  I cannot remember who it was but it was said “We may be the only Bible some read”.  Truth! I sometimes forget to do exactly that myself. Yet it is that very act which is so very powerful to those who need Him more than even they may know.

I was recently led to begin listening to the sermons from long ago, of Martin Luther King Jr and was so very touched by his passion as he preached not just the word, but the importance of its application in our lives and communities.

He says:

“You ought to discover some principle, you ought to have some great faith that grips you so much that you will never give it up. Somehow you go on and say “I know that the God that I worship is able to deliver me, but if not, I’m going on anyhow, I’m going to stand up for it anyway. ~ “…though He slay me I will trust in Him…” If you have never found something so dear and so precious to you that you will die for it, then you aren’t fit to live. ”

Take the time and be blessed by his words:



A: By the time this was over I was in tears; so moved was I that I knew without the passion and conviction that he had so long ago my faith and ability as a part of a community, there was no power.  “But if…”  If I can not just say I believe, and choose to live for the one true God and serve Him with every breath – If I can show that and live that in every moment….That’s a powerful testimony!  I am more determined than ever before to live for Him, not in private, but in public. Just as He went to the cross, all saw Him hang, so shall my faith and my love for Him be that which all see and none doubt.


P:  Lord, I ask you today to be with me always; strengthen my heart and my spirit and my mind that I shall never be shaken. Lord help me to have no doubt, as Shadrach and Meschach and Abidenego, to die rather than to be disobedient to you Lord.  Give me the wisdom and the discernment to see truth no matter how hidden it may be.  IN these dark days when so much that is wrong is seen as right and right is seen as wrong, may I always stand firmly on your word as the only truth that matters.  With all my heart, mind, soul and strength let me never cease serving you Jesus!!




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