Bedtime, Everytime Prayers

I just finished reading another book by this author, Before Amen. In the very beginning, Max Lucado admits to being “a recovering prayer wimp.”  And that really had me because honestly, as of late, I really struggle with prayer. In turn, as you can imagine, my children do too.  I know the power and the importance of a strong prayer life. We are called to be faithful to Him and this is prehaps one of the biggest things we ought to do if we wish to grow in confidence, and in faith, in Christ.  My children need to learn, early on, the importance of prayer in their lives. bedtime prayers

Within this book, are a wealth of resources and tools, to help grow your children (maybe yourself too) in prayer. And right away in the introduction, this book addresses parents. If you don’t know or understand why prayer is so important for all of us, this will assure you that it really is. He says ” prayer – an act for the humble – fits the little child.”

We are called to be, in our faith, as little children. Perhaps there is more for us within the pages of this book as well.

What do our children learn when they learn to pray? They learn how to have peace; how to forgive and receive forgiveness, they learn the value of hope and lovev. When we teach them to pray we teach them about the depth of God’s love for them and those around them too.

This is so beautifullly put together. The illustrationsare soft; gentle and inviting to little eyes. I imagine I could hang some of these very images in my home.  What a peace they give.  So all of these simple prayers fill ten chapters. They range from morning prayers, to prayers for throughout the day, for family and friends, prayers of praise in God you Are Great, and the book ends with evening prayer – Good Night, God.

These are all so very short and simple. Easily, these can be memorized by young and old. As we read these together, we are the example to our children; together we make it a priority to seek God in all things, in all times.  Are we not called to pray without ceasing?

This is such a sweet book. Again, it is so very simple. These are not fancy, nor are they long and drawn out. They are simple, heart to heart, encouraging and inspiring our little ones while also showing them how easy it is to seek God and spend time with Him.

May we all teach our children, and grow in them, a love and desire to be strong warriors in prayer for Jesus!


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