Our Daily Bread (for kids)

What resources are you using to engage your children and draw them closer The Lord?  With Our Daily Bread For Kids:  365 Meaningful Moments With God every day has something new and exciting for your children. Using the Word of God they learn not just what the scriptures say but also what it means. How we can live in.

The pages are all so very colorful; full of eye catching illustrations that guarantee to hold any child’s attention, from the littlest to the biggest of them. The readings are short, keeping it simple for children of all ages. Each day has a scripture and note for where to go to read more. And one of my favorite things, super easy to remember the daily lesson because its right there, ” I will say ‘yes’ to God when He wants to use me.”  Beautiful!


As a mom and home educator I am always looking for materials that have Jesus at the center of it all; as a family we are eager to show our children God, all around us. What better way than this?  To point them right to the Scriptures in a way they can understand and see.  This is a wonderful way to make it all real.  Even my three year old daughter understands, after one days bread, that if we want to see God, we only have to look around us because He is in His creation.  And His creation is all about us!

Our Daily Bread For Kids:  365 Meaningful Moments With God by Crystal Bowman and Teri McKinley is surely an amazing resource to draw children to The Lord providing us with opportunities to learn, and (age allowing) ponder the things of God.

I almost forgot to mention – there are fun facts on each page! As you learn, for example “Quick or Slow”, these facts align with the Word of God and includea fun little lesson for the kids. On this day, the fact was “the three toed sloth is the slowest mammal on earth; the cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.” And there is one for every day; my younger son refers to this as “the peanut butter that goes on the bread”. lol

Our Daily Bread for Kids is available for $16.99 while the Our Daily Bread for Kids: Sunday School Songs is available for $9.99 and both can be purchased directly from Family Christian.  While we do not yet have the songs, this is certainly on our list!


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