Who Loves a Challenge?

Take a look at this Great Books Challenge from Roman Roads – and the cool reward.


This is just the motivation I need to read The Aeneid aloud this spring with my children.  It helps makes me more accountable too since I plan to blog about this one as go along; listening to the lectures and reading together.

Here’s a little clip of this course – if you are anything like me you are salivting over this one  hehe



I love the Great Books and it is my goal to use the more and more as time progresses within our homeschool. I see Old Western Culture from Roman Roads as a great way to make this happen. It’s a fabulous way to introduce, expose and expand our families self-education.


All we have to do is this:

  • Watch all 12 lectures of The Aeneid (with your kids if possible).
  • Read the assigned reading.
  • Complete (in writing or oral discussion) at least 1 of the workbook assignments for each lesson.
  • Complete the above by May 15th, 2015.


On top of that (as they say, “But wait, there’s more!”), they are offering 20% off of any Old Western Culture product (you will need The Aeneid for this challenge) by using the code: CHALLENGE2015. 


Now for the *foot tapping, mailman stalking*  as I wait for my materials so that we can take the challenge!


I am SO in.  Care to join me?



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