Are you Nourished?

I admit, when I saw the title of this book I was SO intrigued. Being that I rarely feel truly nourished (of course pregnancy does that to you hehe) this one was calling my name 🙂

“Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness and a Full Night’s Sleep”.    


This is written by the mother/daughter team of Becky Johnson and her daughter, Rachel Randolph.  The purpose of this book is simple: to help all of us tired, weary moms. Order-loving Rachel and her laid-back mother Becky might be opposites in some ways, but there’s one thing they both want to figure out: why is life so hectic and draining?  The book is written with each woman taking turns with the writing. I admit I have a bit of a hard time following at times as I read.  However their conversational tone, their honesty and the simplicity of it all made you feel more involved in it all.  Coffee anyone? And I admit, I had to churckle a few times.  I do believe, much like Becky, I too have “inattentive ADD” (see Chapter 4).

Although I’m not quite done with it, I do believe this may be one of my new favorites. ❤

Becky and Rachel are full of laughs, so very honest and completely candid. I highly recommend picking up a copy, and when you do make sure you read past chapter two. It all begins to make lots more sense, and you can see the application of it all, once you have made it to chapter three.


They are wise and witty and they are wonderful as they share their successes and failures as they create living spaces they can love, gain wisdom in their relationships, tame jam-packed schedules and so much more that is so greatly needed for us to be truly nourished.  This is their journey, and can be ours too — one that seeks (and finds) nourishment and peace for body, mind, soul, and spirit.

“With humor, honesty, and faith, this mother-daughter duo offers a breath of fresh air for readers of all generations and life-stages who find themselves drained, discontent, or discouraged—and know there has to be a healthier alternative.”


Connect with Becky at her blog, We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook. In fact their first book is that very same name.  And you can find Rachel at her blog which is The Nourished Mama.  Enjoy!


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