In Love, At Peace

1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 (KJV) And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labour among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you; And to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake. And be at peace among yourselves.


I read a comment regarding this verse: “We should all read this scripture before each and every meeting that we have within our church groups. It would serve to make us all mindful of Paul’s powerful instructions!”  So true!!!!!!!


While Paul was directly speaking Paul was speaking to the family of faith when he wrote these verses and I absolutely agree that we should honor our pastors and those leaders in the ministry who work so hard for us in the name of the Lord…..I began to wonder how these verses could apply to MY own family. Certainly our parents (and we as parents) have worked hard caring for me, for our own children,  in the Lord, and admonishing too. Our elders deserve respect and should know that they are  held in the highest regard. As a parent to (soon) four children, I have to consider regularly:


Am I truly doing all that He calls me to for my children?  My husband? Am I caring for them not just physically but also spiritually? Training them and admonishing them to be what God has created them to be? Am I honoring my husband in the Lord? Whether I am at church (in the body of Christ) or at home with my own family,  these verses speak to the attitude, the heart and the spirit, God desires me to have. I need to honor those who work hard for my benefit spiritually, strive to live in peace with my family and my church, and to seek ways to minister to others, as He directs me.


Have you ever heard that any standards that are taught to the congregation  require those doing the teaching to live one level higher?  That has stuck with me; I ponder it often in fact.  But I admit too, that I have a tendency to forget that our Pastor, those he appoints as leaders too, they are human.  We need to recognize the higher standard they are held to, and yet remember that even as anointed ones of God, we can make mistakes, and we will.  Its so easy for us to forgive another member of the church who is upset and speaks in anger, but the preacher?  Do we not often respond differently to words spoken by him? Yet we must remember, the preacher, he is God’s chosen man to shepherd our congregation. We need to regard him highly because of the work God has called him to do. We need to pray for him, prepare to hear his words to us – Are they not words given by God himself, to us, His sheep?  It is dangerous to be critical of his preaching; dangerous to not come before him with a right and humble, and teachable spirit..  Consider Miriam in the book of Numbers when she spoke against Moses.  Touch not God’s anointed ones. 


I thank you Jesus, that today, I am so very blessed to have a Pastor that I know preaches truth, a truth I completely agree with.  I also acknowledge that it is “easy” right now because I respect him so immensely. How blessed I am to have this time; to have a church that is always overflowing with His Spirit. ! Yet I also need remember, it is always easy to follow the Shepard when his way and mine are rightly aligned; I pray that should the day ever come when I am told or asked to do something that I do not wish to, that I shall still submit to him, joyfully. I pray the Lord will continue to give strength and a love of HIS word and His way, to always treasure the Word of God above all else.  May we always treasure Him and His way that we may live together in one accord ~ In Jesus name. 



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