The Same

1 Peter 4:10 (KJV) As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.


When we wonder why….perhaps this is one of the greatest verses to pray and meditate upon. WHY should we use our gifts to serve others? Out of love for Jesus Christ; to bring glory to God. Isn’t that what are our life is all about? Bringing Him glory? If we can and will obey Him, serving others with the gifts God has given us, certainly we ought to do it joyfully!  With a greatful heart and an eager, loving spirit. 


There are No IFs or BUTs!!! We are simply to be merciful, kind and forgiving. to ALL, not just those we feel deserve it.  For what does it mean if we love and show kindness to those who do so to us? So much more powerful, more meaningful when it is done for those who have persecuted us, lied or hurt us.  If we are truly His we will see and treat everyone (yes, EVERYONE)  as His creation; He loves them and wishes to bless them just as He does us. Let us remember to acknowledge and use those spiritual gifts that God has blessed us with. We must unwrap this most precious of gifts,  we must use it, explore it and seek His will within it.


How overwhelming, amazing, surprising is His love and His grace. I must whatever gifts He blesses me with to ring others nearer to Him.  And yet often I feel so inadequate in this very task…so small and insignificant. Yet….God has called me, chosen me, gifted me to be a steward of His grace and truth. I need to slow down, open my eyes, seek ways to serve others who God places in my path (not just my family….neighbors, Sister and Brothers in Christ, my community, the cashier at the market place) to bring the reality and truth of God’s grace into their lives. I am a steward. I have been chosen ~ Wow! ❤


Let us be motivated more than ever before to get up, get out and get busy for Jesus !!! Peter tells us we are to be vigilant, prayerful, hospitable, loving and faithful. This is what God has called us for, He chose us for this very work;’ we have been charged with reaching out and preaching the Gospel to all those who need it, boldly, without reserve! If we are faithful and we use the gifts that God blesses us with, allowing Him to direct our steps, we are His hands and feet and mouth.  We are servants to the most High God.  And in serving Him, we bring glory and praise to Him; we seek His kingdom before all else! Peter reminds us however, that our trials are near at hand, our souls are in danger as well as our bodies and the the best way to preserve our souls is to commit them to God in well-doing.  May we have the strength to never waver or falter when it comes to Him.


As we draw closer and closer to Christ’s return, these end times, they get harder and harder. We learned of 21 men who chose to give up their very lives, they were murdered for their faith in Christ. — We need to encourage one another. We need to endure tob the very end but we have to do it together.  We cannot go it alone– we must remember the enemy, he seeks to divide and conquer, we cannot allow him to divide the body. So we must extend love and grace to each other, give generously to one another, preach the Gospel boldly – standing for the truth that is His word in all things. We must let His light shine brighter than before. Reaching out to snatch some from the enemy who are unawares… this world is not our home…..this is not where we belong. We need to be focused, we need to be prayed up always and we need to be serving the body of Christ. God has gifted each of us with gifts that are meant to encourage and strengthen those in need, in the body and outside of the body too.  We need each other! desperately! Now is not the time to be passive in our faith! Instead, we need to be reaching out, using the gifts God has given each of us “for such a time is this…”

As the day of Christ’s return draws closer and closer how should we live our lives? By staying alert and anticipating His return, seeking every opportunity to pray, serve and love deeply….for love, it covers a multitude of sins. Love God and love one another…it’s all about eternity….

Let’s not be distracted….now is the time to run as never before… for His glory! 


May we pray daily, Jesus, God of all, Lord I seek Your blessing on all the days of my life. Jesus continue to work in me, to teach me and prepare me for all that You have for me to do.  Dear Lord, you are my strength and shield, my ever-present help in times of need. Let me also be there to help my brothers and sisters in faith, to lift them up; to encourage them, to be present with them and to praise Your name always! As this world it gets worse and worse, so much truble so many anti-christs about – the darkness is more and more each day – good is evil and evil is good ~  Lord, help me to be an encourager to those in my family, my community, my church and those who I reach out to and meet with here.  I want so to be more like You and to have you increase in me, as I decrease my self! Every hour, Jesus, abide with me, for I need you and can do nothing without you near.  In Jesus precious name Amen




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