IndoctriNation ~ A Schoolhouse Review

IndoctriNation DVD Review


Did you know that 90% of Christians send their children to the public schools for their education? Did you know that nowhere in the Bible is there a verse, not one, to support this?

I was so excited to have the opportunity to review the film, IndoctriNation by Great Commission Films, when given the chance because truly I believe we need to be aware. We need to be wise. And we need to bring our children home – now!


Colin Gunn is a Scottish born homeschool father of seven. Watch as he travels across the USA seeking to understand the origins and the impact of America’s public education system.

Take  a walk through the history of the educational system and see the real purpose behind it all.  This walk begins in the 1800’s, showing how it all began and how it has transformed into the system we know it as today.

If you have not watched this film I tell you, you MUST see this!  What you see and will learn will break your heart and open your eyes.  I have become so much more passionate about home schooling as the years have gone by; I try to reach out more and share what it is and what I know.  I try to encourage others that I know to consider a better way.


Filled with interviews with teachers, administrators, parents, and others, this film is one that every parent must see. It is part documentary, part testimonial, and totally captivating. Honestly I have watched this at least three times myself and will certainly we watching it again. And trying to encourage others to watch this too!  It is an appeal to millions of Christians who desperately need to hear and know what God’s Word has to say about the discipleship and training of our children. It is a sad truth that we need to know so that we as parents can defend and equip our youth for the battles that are unfortunately all to real and becoming more and more bold. Can they stand and give an answer, truly, for their faith?



We cannot send children out as evangelists – this is not Biblical.  We cannot surrender them to the world. God has given children to their parents (Genesis 33:5, 1 Samuel 1:27, Psalm 127:3), and has charged them with inalienable rights and responsibilities. Certainly there are some that say their children need to be there, to be salt and the light in the public schools.  And many others just don’t truly see how dangerous these school are and how much of a blessing homeschool can be .  Research from the Barna group shows that over 80% of children, when they graduate high school, leave the faith and may never return.  While homeschooling is no guarantee for our children’s salvation, we need to be mindful of those things we choose and how they will effect the discipleship of our youth?  Certainly if God is not welcome in these buildings, how could they possibly serve a greater purpose? We must remember that a teacher is like his master and if one is not with our Lord, then they are against our Lord.


I remember my experience in the public schools, so long ago, times that I can not say I felt were anything other than painful.  I do not remember a time in my educational journey when I did not bring in my own books and do my own studies, hiding in the back of the class. I was bored, I hated sitting all day, the kids (and this was some time ago) were shameful, immature and mean. Its changed so much since then, but not for the better. That said my husband and I just knew we had to homeschool our children; we did not want the same experience for our children. I want my children to learn how to think for themselves, how to be the person that God created them to be; I want them to love learning and see that the world around them is full of opportunities to learn and see our Creator.  Most of all I want them to grow up strong and sure, in His word and His ways and sadly there is no way that this can happen when they are in the hands of the government for the majority of their days.


“Every Christian parent with a child in a government school should see this and be forced to confront their unwillingness to do what Scripture requires for the children on loan to them by God. A mass exodus from government schools is the only way to preserve the souls and minds of our children, whether it gets the attention of politicians or not…and it would.” — Cal Thomas, Fox News political contributor




It really made me pause and think, how Voddie Baucham says at the very beginning of the film how as Christians we will fight each other tooth-and-nail over which translation of the Bible to use, which denomination is the right nownand so many other things, but nearly ninety percent of Christian parents send their children to public schools without any question or reflection on the subject.  Why is that?  We all love our children and want what is best for them but why are we so willing and so eager to hand them off to the state, knowing little if anything of what is taught, owh is teaching it, and if this is truly pleasing to God?


“Freedom is about raising our children  to serve the Lord Jesus; all of reality exists so that His name would be known but we are forbidden to speak the name of Jesus in the schools.”


Everyone with children in the school system needs to see this; they need to watch with an open mind. What good is salt after all, if it has lost its flavor?


IndoctriNation DVD Review



Learn more about Indoctrination here:








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