In Deed and Truth


1 John 3:18 (KJV)
My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.


It all starts with me….we need to have this experience on a personal level; it sparks a fire in us and our passion must be poured out onto others until it become a raging inferno for Christ. Soon together we are changing lives, churches, communities, cities…..





Says Matthew Henry’s commentary:

“Compliments and flatteries become not Christians; but the sincere expressions of sacred affection, and the services or labours of love, do. Then, this love will evince our sincerity in religion, and give us hope towards God: And hereby we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts before him, 1 John 3:19. It is a great happiness to be assured of our integrity in religion. Those that are so assured may have holy boldness or confidence towards God; they may appeal to him from the censures and condemnation of the world. The way to arrive at the knowledge of our own truth and uprightness in Christianity, and to secure our inward peace, is to abound in love and in the works of love towards the Christian brethren.”


Here it is again. I keep seeing it.  It keeps reminding me. We need to be intentional in our LOVE for others. Our ACTIONS should speak louder than our words. We simply cannot pick and choose who we will love or when we shall love – it should show at all times.  Whether we feel like it or not; whether we like someone or not.  When we truly LOVE the way Jesus loves… we will let go of our own selfish desires. We will love at all cost!s This is the love Christ has for us – a pure, never-ending, sacrificial love!
I admit it, I don’t love at all times. I am tired, I am frustrated with my kids, I am just having a bad day …. And I just don’t feel like loving ‘some’ folks. But how would it be, if He had chosen that day, to not show His love for me? Or for you? What if He was as fair weathered in His love, as so many of us can be?


I’m so very thankful that  Jesus loves me ‘all the time’! (and in my third trimester right now I am sure I am more difficult to love, more often than not)

I need to be more like Him. He laid down His life for me when I was pretty darn unloveable …. It makes me wonder, that one person who I see as so unloveable, intolerable…. would I lay down my life for them?


My prayer today, my prayer for each day, should be (shall be) that people see and feel His love from me. May I never forget the love He has for me, His willingness to give it all – to give His life as He did, for me, even as I did not love Him.  May all that I have and all that I am, be a dedication to Him ~ May there be not one thing that I seek to hold back from being His hands and feet and mouth – Where there is a need, let me be willing and eager to share all that I am, all that I have, to further His Kingdom and show the love that He has for every one of us.




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