Wanna Be a Trim Healthy Mama

Have you heard of Trim Healthy Mama ? I have heard all kinds of things; the name has been buzzing about online and offline for some time now. And I was “blessed” enough to be given a copy of this book recently so ….  Since we need, as a family, a better way of eating, I figure, why not give this one a try?

So how does this work, you must be wondering, as was I when it all began (last week! haha)

In a nutshell, Trim Healthy Mama is about changing when you eat, and what you eat together.  The daily meals are broken down into 2 general types, energizing meals (plenty of carbs) and Satisfying meals (healthy fats). The rule goes like this:  you don’t want to eat a lot of fats and carbs in the same meal; wait three hours between meals when you are switching from one meal type to the other.

So I still get to eat cheese, use butter, and all sorts of other good fats… Just not on bread, or pasta. (this is a bit tough I admit – love bread and butter since I love to make it at home)

Salivating just thinking about a fresh warm loaf of bread with melted butter smothered all over it….

It is also recommended to avoid – White sugar, white flour, potatoes, regular pastas.

We recently have begun using coconut and almond flour; I have a new box of coconut sugar I am going to try out too.

To keep it simple, so you are not as overwhelmed as I am as I read, we simplify these into three things:

  • Don’t eat fats with carbs (but you can eat good fats, and whole grain carbs, just keep them separate)
  • Avoid whites
  • Choose foods with very low/no sugar content (huge bonus in my eyes – for the kids)

    Want to know what really inspired me to do this?  Here it is; one simple paragraph 🙂


“Like the Hebrew children of Israel wandering around in the wilderness, we ran around in circles looking for answers. Finally, a very drawn out “finally,” the biblical approach hit us in the face and everything swung into place. The Bible clearly outlines what we should eat. Science and historical context infallibly back up the Scriptures. Why were we blind to biblical simplicity , spending our time frantically searching for the next “guru” to give us wisdom on what to eat, when God had already told us the truth in simple terms? God has given us all the food groups and He wants each one to be enjoyed in a balanced way. Every gift God gives is good. Why would we shun any of his gifts? Why would we dismiss their value with a “ we know best” attitude? As we came to this understanding, the pieces of the missing puzzle came together . Even little nuggets of truth extracted from all the conflicting diet books we had read lined up in agreement. We noticed recurrent themes that finally fit together. We could now take the good from all the extreme dietary journeys we had traveled and shed the nonsense. Balance at last! And what happened to our weight? All the constant angst and effort we’d previously poured into staying in our skinny jeans was no longer needed. Trim naturally happened. Health naturally flourished. ”


It just makes sense. I mean, our Creator, He is the one who knows us best. He created us and made sure that all we truly needed was there for us.  So why have we made things so complicated?  Sometimes I think progress, is really not progress at all. As a child of His, my body being His temple, is it not good to be in obedience to Him, especially when it comes to how I care for my body? Surely I can better serve and hear my Lord when all is well. 🙂

So here we go ….. stay tuned for more…..


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