Hebrews 13:2(KJV) Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby * some have entertained angels unawares . *


Did you know, the word entertain has several meanings: to have people as guests in your home or in a public place, to perform, to provide amusement for another by singing, acting, etc, to show hospitality to, to keep, hold, or maintain in the mind. 


This verse shows us so clearly how important it is that our relationsahip with God is one that also impacts all of our other relationships (ripple effect?) -—even those interactions with strangers (maybe even moreso those)!   Just as a rock dropped into the center of a lake creates ripples that can be seen in ever-widening circles, my relationship with God must have an effect on every person I come in contact with each day.  My relationship with God was never meant for me alone. My relationship was meant to be so much a part of me that every interaction with others is touched by God’s love and grace as it is at work in my life. 🙂 


As we read this passage we are told that we are to view other Christians as our “brothers,” even if they are technically complete strangers. We are to welcome them and extend hospitality to them as members of the body of Christ. Just as Abraham and Lot welcomed those “angelic” strangers in Genesis, we can never know when that stranger may be a “divine appointment” perhaps an angel. — Angel or not, we should view every meeting as an opportunity to show the love of Christ to others and minister to them. (Honestly) I try to pray each morning that God will give me His eyes and help me to remember that I am not too busy to miss out on any potential “divine appointments” He may have for me. 


Certainly I know there been opportunities for me to entertain Angels and yet I have been too busy, or perhaps too selfish to see them.  Perhaps my heart was unwilling even. I need to SLOW down and take the time to really look and see and feel His Spirit always working about me, that I may recognize those opportunities when they are put before me.

How I pray that Jesus will continue to open my eyes and give me His vision to see as he sees. Lord I need to slow down and pay attention to what you are calling me to do. To be more aware of your presence Lord, to be constantly seeing your will and your way in all things, all places and all times. 


All that I have been reading, and blogging here as of late, all of it speaks to the need for action, in our walk. It all shows again and again how grace and faith must be something that can be seen and experienced. We need to be doers of the Word… without grumbling (1 Peter 4:9).

It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of this world, to focus on ‘self’ instead of on others. We need to extend genuine kindness. We need to be intentional in seeing others and their needs as a blessing from God. An opportunity for us to be a blessing to another.  Is it not true that how we give is how we shall recieve? 



On a sidenote, I have got to make the time to watch “Entertaining Angels” I am told it is an interesting and moving story about the 1920’s and 30’s social activist, Dorothy Day, for it can be regarded that what this woman did, sometimes single-handedly, always controversially, in her fight against social injustice would, indeed, be wonderful entertainment for angels… or it could mean that her work was for the benefit of the ‘angels’ at the bottom of the social ladder for whom she fought daily against those who would hold them down… this included her work as a suffregette. However it is meant, this film captures much of the real-life drama that took place on big city streets, and of the very personal trials which eventually led her to convert to roman Catholicism, and a dedication to helping the poor.


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