James 5:16 (KJV) Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.


Pray! Effectual. Fervent. Pray!

Being fervent implies an urgency and a passionate desire or need. I want to be someone who prays for others with a fervency — because I know the power of prayer to heal; to break down the strongholds of sin. Guzik’s commentary explains: “James reminds us that mutual confession and prayer brings healing, both physically and spiritually. These free us from the heavy burdens (physically and spiritually) of unresolved sin, and removes hindrances to the work of the Holy Spirit. … Confession to another in the body of Christ is essential, because sin will demand to have us to itself, isolated from all others. Confession breaks the power of secret sin.”
When I am struggling in my walk with Christ, I need to be open about my need for prayer and seek the wisdom and encouragement of the body. This is key to overcoming and enduring.  
Prayer is the key. We are to pray for the afflicted, pray for the sick, pray for one another, pray for His will, pray for those who have lost their way, pray for those who need Christ. We are to pray always. For all things. We do not always need to know the need of another, just knowing they are struggling we can pray for His will to be done, for Him to reach out to them in their need. He knows.

We are to do what we can to bring back those that stray from the ways of truth. The healing power of prayer over sin is tremendous.

Effectual and fervent:  this means that as we pray, we mean what we are praying, we believe it and we see it; we are sure of what we are praying for and are passionate about the results. Intercession.


Consider, hidden sin is unconfessed sin.  It hinders our joy and peace.  But if we come before Him and we confess our sin being truly repentant, there is forgiveness that brings peace. Healing can only truly begin with confession and forgiveness. Praying for each other while we endure struggling strengthens the body of Christ as a whole.


In fact this was a topic of conversation with a friend the other evening, as she struggles with laying down an addiction.  Someone advised her to lay her cigarette pack down at the altar before God.  I think about this and I see so many things that we can learn, and grow in, from something like this. Who sees and knows now, where we are struggling? We all have secret sins do we not? God clearly says these will be found out. And what comes from admitting our weakness to another? Should this not show our humility; our acknowledgement of our need for God.  And if we consider the level of accountability that comes from sharing your sin with another; it sure keeps you humble. It reminds us that it matters less what others think and more how He feels about things in our life. We cannot have love without truth; there can be no truth without love.


If only: we will allow Jesus to teach us to put aside our pride and confess our sins to others. Let us have a heart and mind that is humble; that is more concerned with pleasing God that with the judgement of man.  Let us be strong and sure in our weaknesses, that He mays how Himself as our strength, our strong tower, in times of need. Let it be an exampleto  others in their struggles seeing where we turn to when we are in the battle. And if and when another confesses their sin to me, help me to listen with a loving heart, sharing love and truth, that it may be their guide.  ❤



truth love




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