Mother Should I Trust the Government? (FreedomProject Education) – A Schoolhouse Review

I was so excited when I was given a chance to review one of the online courses presented by Freedom Project Education. FPE offers several 2015 courses for students, from Grades K-12. These are offered online, and some on select campuses too.  These courses are free of common core guidelines, they are based upon the Classical education methodology and a Judeo-Christian value system that upholds and honors the US Constitution. You can access these courses online from anywhere around the world. Currently, FPE is  one of the fastest growing online private schools too! The online course and book I was chosen to review is entitled “Mother, Should I Trust the Government?” This was an eight week course geared towards students who are 13 years of age or older, or for their parents. While my oldest is only 9, this was something my husband and I were very interested in ourselves and as much as possible our oldest son did view parts of the course along with us.  (Coming soon are courses on Critical Thinking and the Bible as Culture)Freedom Project Education ReviewThis course was held for 2 hours every Monday evening. I also received the book (title same as the course itself), written by the instructor of the class, Jake Jacobs, Ph.D. This course is just one of many online and on-campus courses offered by Freedom Project Education. Can I say, it was super to find that the instructor himself is actually from Wisconsin? He really got the attention of my oldest son with that and then all the talk of football in the very first lesson, my son was hooked! 😛 Freedom Project Education Review


Attending the course each week was simple. I received an email with a link to the classroom. We were able to see the teacher, there was a chat box, and a Power Point to follow along with.  We did not chat much ourselves. We also did receive a link to the recording after each class which was really nice.  I like being able to go back and listen again when taking part in something like this.Dr. Jacobs was quite friendly, and casual in his methods. You can learn more about Dr Jake Jacobs, Ph.D. at his site, Ultimately FPE’s  hope is that through their courses, others will be taught how to think, not what to think.  Using the Judeo-Christian Worldview while also holding onto the Classical education model which FPE believes the founding fathers believed in as a basis for people’s education, he walks us through the history of the government, and the country. And the importance of us being “wise as serpents and harmless as doves”.



I received the book in the mail, and was so excited to find that it also included a small paperback of The Declaration of Independance & Constitution, as well as two bonus discs from FPE: “Who Owns Your Children?” and “Common Core”Mother, Should I Trust the Government? explores the role of the republican government and the current government in place which is over-reaching, disregarding the Constitution in so many ways. This begins at the time of the Constitutional Convention, and Jacobs walks you through the U.S. history up to present day events, exploring the intents of our founding fathers as they designed a form of government which would uphold the Word of God while also giving the people a voice within the operation of the government itself. He discusses the federalists and anti-federalists, causes of the Civil War in reference to the government power and the rights of states, and the extreme growth of government that is present today.  Within the book there were quite a few narratives included, about individuals who are making a difference in the political arena today, despite the overwhelming odds.  It was heartwarming, refreshing to hear stories of individuals (even here in my home in Wisconsin) who were standing for what is good and right and true; for a government as it was envisioned so long ago.

I have to admit however that two hours was a bit long for a class with so much meat.  I did appreciate the repitition throughout the class, I think it really helped to keep my oldest focused. Especially when he would hear things he learned, in the past year, from another wonderful course we completed.  It was excellent to see him connect what was being spoken of in this course, with the previous one. For example when there was discussion on the Constitutional Convention, he was able to recal what he had learned previously; this was the case with a number of topics presented here.  This was such a great help to understanding the viewpoints of the founding fathers and being able to understand the differences as they came about through the years. As you can imagine this has sparked some great discussions in regards to history and current events.  And I do love to see when those wheels are turning.


In fact, did you know, the term, “In God We Trust” goes back to covenanters of Scotland who were fighting against the Kings of England? I had no idea there was such a powerful influence from the Scottish Presbyterians.


It was amazing how much I was unaware of when it came to our history, the He also prepares students to be active citizens, stating, “Unlike anarchists, America’s Founders realistically concluded that since men were not angels, government comprised of men must be: LIMITED, checked, balanced, separated; a federal republic and watched like a hawk forever.”


Freedom Project Education ReviewI think there was more that I learned in this course than throughout my high school and college years. Within this course we are prepared to be active citizens.  In his own words, “Unlike anarchists, America’s Founders realistically concluded that since men were not angels, government comprised of men must be: LIMITED, checked, balanced, separated; a federal republic and watched like a hawk forever.”


Overall, we truly enjoyed this course and are looking forward to partaking in more Freedom Project Education courses in the future! 🙂 Truly Freedom Project Education is a blessing to us all as they are so active, boldly working on the front lines, educating families and opposing the Common Core.


Freedom Project Education Review

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