Going to Boot Camp!

If you know me you know how much I LOVE to camp. Not really. Actually I am terrible when it comes to the great outdoors. I love nature; spending time enjoying God’s creation. Relaxing in the shade maybe with a good book ~ I have three children, one more on the way. My oldest one a very rambunctious, loud, constantly, driving us all nuts kind of boy.  So needless to say when I heard of the Boys Bootcamp, and had the opportunity to attend this one, I was SO excited!

I want to do more than just survive my boys. And I don’t know where you are at in your journey, what struggles you my face, but I do know that I do not understand my boys. Especially my oldest (who is 9).  He cannot focus. He is too focused. He is here and there and everywhere. It’s the very first reason we chose to homeschool him so long ago. It’s a challenge teaching a boy like him; I know I am not alone but I admit to feeling very alone. A lot. I don’t want to seem ungrateful or have a spirit that is grumbling and complaining but how do you teach him when he just cannot hold still? When math is on the table and he cannot stop doodling or bouncing or racing back and forth in the house?

And just the other day someone smiles sweetly at me and says, “You just wait ’til they’re teenagers if you think it’s hard now.”  I admit my heart sunk just a bit. 

But  refuse to believe that it has to be this way forever. One day we WILL have fond memories of our time together. And maybe I will look back and laugh a bit over my oldest son, who runs relays through the store when we go out; who has to be loud and in your face, all the time, arguing (he calls it debating) and just being all around out of control.

I mean, with my younger two, I can easily do a trip to the store.  My daughter (3) and my son (5) walk the aisles with me, helping me find things, asking questions and just chatting up a storm. They love to sing worship songs as we are out too 🙂 It’s pleasant and wonderful time spent with these two little ones. But not with my oldest son. With him it is always an emotional roller coaster; I struggle to just try to keep him within social boundaries and by the end of the trip, I am a wreck and he is a mess. But there is a heart in there; one that is so full of joy and love but just doesn’t know how to get in sync.  How to control himself and all of these emotions and ideas bouncing about in his head, a bright young man who has lots of energy and little, to no, ability to manage himself.


Impulsive ~ No off switch on this one.

His impulses would take over.  I know he is a big hearted, good natured kid but how hard it is to remind myself of this when he is constantly pushing everyone’s buttons. And at what point does his inability to control himself become no longer a bi-product of his age? At what point does this not have to do with maturity?



I ask myself and my husband, “Does life have to be more difficult with him forever? Is sullen, moody, rebelliousness just a part of growing up? Do we just have to ride this out and survive these years?”


It simply cannot be. There is more for us, I just know there is a better way!


And so I am packing my bags (haha) and getting ready to head off to Boot Camp 9-12 to:


Get in Shape! Shape up your relationship with your son now before the real challenges hit.

Get Armed! Learn about serious dangers your son will face and develop the weapons to deal with them.

Get a Strategy! Learn how to put together a plan for high school and get it done.

Get Moving!  Start now to prepare your son to pass through the minefields to godly manhood.


Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

Brains Turned to Mush

Temptation Everywhere

Dating and Courtship (not there yet….honestly dreading this one too!)

Homeschooling High School

Jobs & Entrepreneurship

Doing Real Things in the Real World

Becoming Young Adults, not Sullen Teens

Loving these years! (how desperately we need to love these years!)  ❤


The next session will be held April 27, 28, 29 and May 4 and 5.  I for one plan to be delivering our daughter at some point this week. But when you sign up, if you are unable to make any of the live sessions, you can always download any classes you miss. This is great for us too since our schedules are so wacky; plus it allows my husband to listen to the sessions too when he has time.

When I complete this bootcamp there will be an awesome giveaway, care of Hal & Melanie Young: a free download of their book, Raising Real Men in both ebook and audio ebook version. Very gracious indeed!

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