How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You? ~~ Review

There is life and death in the tongue. Such power. As a momma I know this all too well (and struggle with it so!)

When I had the chance to review Rachael Carmen’s newest book I just knew this was one of those God ordained things. What perfect timing too ~ When I am so near to the end of this pregnancy, tired and achy; short on patience and cranky. I admit I am less of a life giver right now and I know I need to let it go and just rest in the peace of this season.  In a better way.

This book?   It simply confirmed for me that God is in all the details…all the time.


Even the arrival of this precious package was beautiful and inspiring!  What is better for some deep reading, and digging within, than chocolate? lol

How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You is an encouraging book written by Rachel Carman, owner of Apologia. While she has authored several books this is the first real opportunity I have had to read her writing. And truly it is a gentle yet honest approach that really inspires us to be as we were created to be.  More importantly as a momma, as a home educator, she helps me to believe that I can be what my children need me to be. Because we are victorious in Christ.


This book speaks honestly, openly, to those messy, real life situations we experience every day (especially when we are moms of boys) From the joy filled moments, those times we are full of pride, to those times we just want to hide; embarrassment and shame. Those times I lose it; scream and shout – yes I do – not proud of that one bit. But the honesty, the truth in the mess, its what helps us to see and really appreciate encouragement and wisdom from above- we need to be transparent, we need to be real.  I mean how many of us think we are totally alone on this journey?  Isn’t it so much harder when we think we are alone? And truthfully, how can we grow and learn and be all we are called to be if we are too afraid to share our struggles?  Let’s be honest ~ being a momma is messy; its hard work. It hurts. But we are never really alone.


How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You is a precious, priceless book; the chapters are short and simple. As I said before they focus on those real life moments and  how God speaks to us through these every day, regular, real, times.  In every situation, we can see His hand, His love for us.  If we are willing to slow down and take a breath…Can we be still and wait on the Lord? Can we hear what He wants us to hear?


At the end of each chapter is “a moment of introspection”,  this is where Rachel provides some questions for thought, which I loved. Deep thoughts to ponder. Precious lessons to learn; moments to remember.  Like those landmarks that He told the Israelites to build as they went along; what directions do you show your children Biblically…Do you see motherhood as a duty or a privilege? What do your children do that makes you smile? What do  you do that makes your heavenly Father smile?


If you read with a teachable spirit, an open heart and mind you will see how…

  • “Slow Down!”
  • “Please Stop That!”
  • “I Know How You Feel”
  • “You Will Always Be My Child”
  • You Gave Me Your Word”
  • “Be Quiet”
  • “Please Just Trust Me and Obey”

God speaks these words to us every day just as we say these things to our own children. Are we listening and seeking to be obedient to Him? 

What do our children see of Him in us? Do they see us walking in faith, hearing and doing?




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