Treasure What Things?

Mary “treasured these things in her heart”. Twice in Luke, he writes these words (2:19 & 50.) These words have been really ringing in my ears as of late; I consider this more now (Passover is coming ~ where is that hidden leaven?) wanting to be sure and ready for His coming.

So what things do I treasure in my heart? Truly …..

So very long ago John Calvin wrote: “The heart is an idol factory.”  It still is so very true today; perhaps even more so. If we consider what were idols to them so long ago; how much worse is it today with all that we are constantly bombarded with?


Mary treasured these things.” And what were these things?  We are not really told directly but I can imagine Mary treasured and pondered His every word, the tie she had in His presence….even His death and resurrection.

These are the things we really ought to treasure.

When we do, He works amazing works within our lives. There is power in treasuring the things of God.


I was just reading this morning about how the Israelites so often forgot God’s goodness in their lives.  For forty years, He provided for their every need; He delivered them, gave them Heavenly manna, water that poured out from rocks when they thirsted – Again and again I am in awe at how constantly forgetful, ungrateful, they were. Then I remember my self – Do I thank Him daily for the provisions He gives? When I do not even ask, yet I am blessed with peace and a warm home, joy filled children….The breath in my body ~ Is that not worthy of thanks?

We get busy and we forget. We face challenges and complain and grumble as we go about our tasks forgetting that He has already been where we are; He goes before us. Mary is such a powerful, beautiful example; she encourages me to treasure and continue to cherish, time in His presence, remembering always what He has done in my soul.  How He has saved me; taken me out of that pit of darkness and given me joy and light like nothing else.  Salvation. Peace.  Blessings in abundance.


None of us are perfect.  Mary herself was not perfect, yet she was humble enough to kow that she needed Him and time iwth Him more than anything else. She was a sinner, saved by the grace and the love of Christ.  And her life is a testinony to every one of us, an example of how we ought to live ~ What we ought to seek after more than anything else: may we choose that “one thing which is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” 




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