Whatever Wanda! ~Book Review

Attitudes are a big issue in our house right now – are they in yours too? Maybe its the cabin fever – Wisconsin weather – too much time indoors, too much cold. We need help resetting some attitudes around here.  And that said ~ Whatever Wanda was definitely the book we needed!


I was not familiar with this series of books before I was given the opportunity to review this one. But this is book 3 in the Shine Bright Kids series by Christy Ziglar.



My daughter just loved this book! As did her brother, who is 5.  “Whateer” used to be quite the phrase in this house; in fact my five year old son coined the response, “You Whatever” which was entertaining for a short time ~ Suffice to say though attitude is everything. It akes all the difference and it is so important for our kids to learn this early on.


This book is a great example for kids of how attitude can make all the difference in our day. I loved the author’s words: ‘Sometimes you have to believe something will be great before it actually is. Being positive is a choice that makes everything better, not to mention, a whole lot more fun!’


Throughout this simple story we see the need for a good attitude in Wanda who is determined to not enjoy one bit of her time with her family at the Rubber Duck Days Festival.  We see repeatedly how her refusal too try to have fun, to take part in the festivities or join in with her friends makes her day a very unpleasant one. Yet in the end, she receives some wise words and and a lesson is learned that shows how attitude is all the difference.

Throughout the book, kids can also keep an eye out for the shining star which helps us to see, based on how the star is feeling,  how Wanda’s attitude is.  This is a good way for kids to see how their own attitude can effect others around them since this little star shows itself as a response to the attitudethat Wanda herself has.


I highly recommend this book! The images are all so bright, beautiful and engaging, “Whatever Wanda!” is a perfect way to help children see and understand the value of a good attitude. Preferably before they need an adjustment 😛



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